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Red spots compared to pressure. Weird!


No worries Gprent, thanks for your thoughts all the same.

So as not to further hijack this thread, I am going to relate a short and on-topic anecdote that happened to me concerning Red Spots.

I am a big believer in Avocet’s Pumping 101 starter thread, and also subscribe to his belief that red spots are not a good sign when doing vacuum pumping. They mean too much trauma, not “Growth Happening”!

Well, in the beginning, I followed what I thought was a very conservative routine for a couple months, rarely seeing a red spot, after the initial couple days. And then I moved to another room to do my PE, where I had set up a new computer. I was very shocked the first time I did the same routine to see very tiny red spots, similar to what I saw the first couple days I started, at which point I had earlier decided to go ultra-slow to avoid them.

The thing is, in the new room there was much better light, and I had not detected these red spots in the other, darker, room! I had been pumping for a couple months thinking the red spots were forever behind me, only to realize I was still experiencing them, without noticing. Those who have looked at the pictures in my signature can clearly see the discoloration midshaft I have experienced, and I am sure that the barely perceptible red spots I was getting contributed to this.


My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...

You may not be too young, either, for reading glasses, Cdr..




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