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Red spots compared to pressure. Weird!

If you are going to come all the way out of the cylinder, then I think you should pump for at least 10 minute cycles instead of 5 and perhaps even go to 12-15 minute cycles. You could do three 10 minute cycles or 2 15 minute cycles. In the future, every once in a while throw in a four 10 minutes cycle session or three 15 minute cycle session.

Yes, you can use the 4hg pressure. I just mentioned I used the 3hg max on my “rest” days and if I go for a longer time, I get a similar of not better result.

Of course pressure is important to this, but the more I do it, I think the key to permanent growth and great results is longer pump times at lower pressures. So if you pump and only worry about pressure, you are missing the key ingredient which is time at size with no trauma or lymph build up.

You really must seriously consider buying yourself a 2” professional thick walled cylinder for you Christmas present this year. Pumping with the right size quality equipment will make a big difference for you I think.

Ok. I like your advice because I really prefer to stay in the cylinder for longer time than 5 min. I will do at least 10 min at a time. I will also pump at 4hg instead of 3hg because 3 seams to be to low for me. I just don’t get any expansion then.

I’m looking for a 2 cylinder all of the time. One option is of course to order it from LAPumps, but that costs 10 times more compared to buying it in sweden. The problems with the few 2 cylinders I can find is that they are so fucking short.

2005-07-01 - 7,5 x 5,5 Starting 2005-09-20 - 7,7 x 5,5 goal - 8,0 x 6,3

Now I have done some more pumping. I start at 3hg for a few min, then I increase to 3,5hg for a few min and then I do 4hg for the rest of the session. That works because I don’t get any redspots and I don’t get donut either.
My question now is, why should one do 6x5 or 3x10 instead of just pump 30 min in one session?
I have pumped like this the last days:

10-18-2005 I pumped for 15 min.
10-19-2005 I pumped for 21 min.
10-20-2005 I pumped for 30 min.

I stayed in the pump the hole time. I never lowered the pressure or took my dick out. I do 50 kegels every 5 min.
What are the benefits of lowering the pressure for 30 sec every 5 min like you do gprent? Can I just not stay in the cylinder with the same pressure the hole time? That would be so very easy and comfortable.

I really like to pump for longer time like this because the dick gets bigger and bigger during the session even tho I’m not increasing the pressure. I love it. I would really like to go for 1 hour straight. I believe my dick would be huge after a session like that :)

When you are in the pump, is the blood circulation in the dick bad then? When I took my dick out after 30 min straight, it was a little cold. Just a little little bit cold.

2005-07-01 - 7,5 x 5,5 Starting 2005-09-20 - 7,7 x 5,5 goal - 8,0 x 6,3

The trick to pumping is finding the combination that leads to permanent results. Yes, it is very visually effective to pump for one long session. But it turns out that as far as permanent results go, there is a difference between pumping for large size and pumping for effective size.

Whether visually apparent or not, pumping for one long session leads to more lymph swelling and slightly higher trauma levels. Both lymph swelling and trauma will not lead to permanent results, no matter how impressive the result might seem at the moment. The hard thing to keep under control with pumping is that PE is a slow process and pumping can give you the false impression it can be a fast process. That’s why guys get turned on by getting huge pumping at high pressures for long times, but then end up getting disillusioned that all of this “instant” size in not resulting in permanent gains, which of course is the goal.

For permanent results the best methods are keeping pressures low and using a pump and release technique. This keeps lymph build up to an absolute minimum and eliminates trauma. True, the instant size result is not as impressive, but the permanent result starts adding up slow but steady. One study suggests that a 5 minute pump and release cycle is near optimum, but this can be fine tuned for each guy.

Other techniques also add to the permanence of the pump result. They include all of the add-ons we constantly talk about. Things like alternating pump/jelq cycles, ending each session with an erect massage, doing kegels while pumping, milking the tube and using heat while pumping.

Tomorrow I will do 3x10 min pumping with a little bit of dryjelq between every set. Because I have to come out of the cylinder, instead of just lowering the pressure like you do, I will do 10 min instead of 5 min cycles. I’m trying to do my pumping without porn right now and it takes a long time to get a 90% erection or more. If I would try to do 5x6 min pumping I would have to spend to much time to get my dick hard.

I don’t know if you already has written this somewhere, but how much have you gained from pumping?

2005-07-01 - 7,5 x 5,5 Starting 2005-09-20 - 7,7 x 5,5 goal - 8,0 x 6,3

I started out at around 6X5 with turtle dick when flaccid and on the verge of serious ED problems and zero nocturnal erections. I am currently at 7.25X5.75 and have left turtle dick in the dust, can get hard on command and have nocturnal erections throughout the nite and upon waking. Post pumping I am 7.5X6.25. I turn 54 in a month.

That sounds really good. It must be a great thing to get a bigger dick that also works better. If I just could get to 6.0 inch in girth I would be really happy.

Today I did:
5 min heat
3 min stretch
15 min 4hg pumping
3 min dryjelq
15 min 4hg pumping
3 min dryjelq
5 min stretch
10 min heat

Got no lymph buildup. I got a few red spots but they are so small that you really have to look close to see them. I hope that it is ok to get that small amount of red spots because I always seams to get some redspots, even at low pressure.

2005-07-01 - 7,5 x 5,5 Starting 2005-09-20 - 7,7 x 5,5 goal - 8,0 x 6,3

Originally Posted by skitola11
Porn does not help me to get an erection. I have to touch my dick while I look at porn to get an erection. As long as I’m in the pump, I can’t touch my dick.

I think I have to take my dick out of the cylinder between every 5 min session. But maybe I can use this to my advantage. Every time I take my dick out, it is then flacid. I can then get an erection. If I can’t get 100% hard, then I just stop the pumpingsession.

If you go weeks without sex or masturbation, you will definitely get hard without even touching your cock.

I have had my share of red spot too. My routine: two sessions per day for two days, then one day off. Session is 6x5 minutes at 5 inches Hg. The first session after a day off, I get pretty spotty, but it seems to get less with each session. I have noticed an increase in this spottiness over time. I also always get a little donut, but it always goes away before my next session. I have not noticed any discoloration accumulating, but I am only about two months into pumping.

Two recent observations:

The other day I lost track of the number of 5 minute sessions, and I would up going 40 minutes instead of 30. When I came out of the tube I was HUGE! I did not take a measurement, I wish I had, but it had to be a good half inch more in girth than normal. Sigh…I wish I could have kept that size, it was sweet. Unfortunately all lymph, though. Maybe a sign of things to come? I hope so.

Second, I have recently added porn to my sessions, in the form of a portable dvd player. So in addition to the vacuum induced erection, I have a normal erection. I have noticed that my dick looks significantly pinker in the tube, as opposed to a slightly dusky purple before. I have not noticed any size change associated with this, and I have measured.

And one more thing. I hear some of you guys talking about kegeling while in the tube. I have tried this, I am a big kegel fan, but it does absolutely nothing that I can tell.

I would like to try heat, but I can’t find a heating pad or lamp that works on 220 v where I live, and I don’t have the opportunity to go shop for one here in Siberia.

HalfRusski 07-26-05 - BPEL 5.90", EG 5.0" 11-16-05 - BPEL 7.45", EG 5.625" Weather report - snow (what did you expect?!) What is a nice guy from Louisiana doing in a place like this?

Skitola and HalfRusski,

Keeping solid wood throughout your session is absolutely critical. It is also one of the biggest challenges, particularly for me. I’ve done everything but the Viagra — milking the tube, watching porn, flipping through my memory of past sexual esacpades, trying some herbs (yohimbe). It works about 1/2 the time and those sessions produce much better results than the ones where I don’t have erections or only periodically.


I can’t keep a solid wood during pumping. It is not possible for me. I loose my natural wood in just a few seconds. Why do I have to have a solid wood? Is it not enough that my dick gets bigger than normal in the cylinder? I really don’t want to have to use viagra.

2005-07-01 - 7,5 x 5,5 Starting 2005-09-20 - 7,7 x 5,5 goal - 8,0 x 6,3

Originally Posted by gprent
True, the instant size result is not as impressive, but the permanent result starts adding up slow but steady. One study suggests that a 5 minute pump and release cycle is near optimum, but this can be fine tuned for each guy.

This has winded up being a great thread! I am particularly interested in this study, Gprent.

Do you have a link? If not, can you provide more details?


My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...

The study was on a pump site. I can’t remember which one right now. It showed pump and release cycles for 15 minute pump and release, 10 minute and 5 minute and how this cycle time compared to permanent results. Five minutes was determined to be the optimum time.

I don’t know how true it was, but I have been using the 5 minute cycle for at least a month now and really like it. I have been trying to keep trauma down to an absolute minimum during this time, so I only pump to 3”hg for the first half of my routine and no more than 4”hg for the second half of my routine. I pump for 1 hour everyday, so it’s 30 minutes at 3”hg and 30 minutes at 4”hg with 30 second pressure release breaks every 5 minutes.

My results are outstanding as I reach max engorgement and length similar to using much higher pressures, but with minimum bloating or discoloration trauma. My flaccid size has been improving dramatically as well as overall penis health and response.

You should try it, but if you are not used to long pump times, take it easy and don’t start off at a 1 hour routine.

Thanks Gprent.

My usual routine starts off on 3 iom and ends on 5 (3 sets later).

Thing is, like others have mentioned, I have trouble keeping a good erection at 3 iom. Are you rock solid the whole time you are using only 3iom?

I am ok for the first set — the only one I do 3 iom at — thanks to being fresh and watching porn. But as the routine goes on, I noticed tonight, my wood wains and I am almost one inch shorter than my maximum if I try a second set at 3 iom. Think I should just go with a 75% boner anyway?


My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...

I don’t know what to say. My erection improves as my pump routine progresses. Yes, I do watch porn, but I also throw in some kegels and perhaps more importantly, do a lot of tube milking which I think really helps to keep the blood moving and prevent stagnation. I also have a vibrating massager I occasionally hold against the tube and that provides some very nice stimulation.


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