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Red bulb popped up today.

Red bulb popped up today.

Hello, I was doing a session of pumping and I may have pumped for too long this time around. A small bulb filled with blood formed unto the glan of my unit. I was wondering if it happened to anyone else, and what is the recommendation for these types of cases. Thank you.

You probably just pumped up to too strong a vacuum. Are you using a gauge and, if so, what was the pressure? Whatever the case, the recommendation is to take a break until it goes away and, when you start up again, don’t push things so hard.

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Yes I know, but it looks like a bubble of thin skin filled with blood hanging on the glan. I don’t think it’s going away on it’s own. I’m wondering if I should drain it or not at this point. I never heard or saw this before and I pumped for many years. Other than that everything is fine, dick still working.

Thank you for the answer.

That is a water blister—it will take many days to heal. You’ve ruptured the skin below the blister. Use Neosporin with a band-aid. It happens when either too much vacuum or too long of a time without a break.

Do not burst the protective skin of a blister as it is the natural bandage for keeping infection out!!!

Most pumpers have experience just the water blister without the blood, which is mostly lymph fluid.

Another good product is Zinc ointment or Desitine diaper cream. Got Kids?

Keep it covered wear white underwear

Blood blister: I agree it’s best not to pop it. It will heal faster and be less painful if you leave the cushion of liquid inside. It will pop on its own soon enough. You’re probably looking at a week of downtime, maybe a little more.

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Ah, thanks for the info. I will try some neosporin and a small band-aid.

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