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Recommend pump - australia

Recommend pump - australia

Hi all,

Long time lurker here, Just wondering if anyone can point me in the direction of a good pump that’s not to expensive, located in australia would be preferable unless someone can recommend a decent one from somewhere else.

I’m currently BPEL: 7” x EG: 5.9”

So I’m guessing a tube that’s 8 or 9” x 2.25” would be suitable?

Thanks for you help guys

Ahh forgot to add..

I’m asking as there is alot of strange brands available in local adult shops, and from past experience with other toys and products alot of them can be very low quality, and to be honest I don’t want to spend money on something that will only last 6months or less.

Thanks for the help

9 x 2.25 sounds right.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

I bought one from Lapdist USA (I’m in Adelaide), was here in 10 days… excellent service.

I purchased the Velseal cylinders from pumptoys, the quality of the tube is excellent, a US website. I was charged a whack though for customs to the UK. They also do a custom cylinder.

My earlier experience was buying a plastic, cheaper set up with no gage, broke quickly after purchase. So best go for a more robust model with gage.

Thanks for the help guys.

The lapdist gear looks good and is reasonably priced considering adult shops sell lesser quality items for more, to be honest I don’t know how the adult shops in aust. Even stay open, their pricing is rediculous.

Originally Posted by oz
I bought one from Lapdist USA (I’m in Adelaide), was here in 10 days.. Excellent service.

I got a 2.25x9 from lapdist as well.. I’m in Adelaide, and it took less then 2 weeks to arrive.

I am about 5.75, but a bit over 6” girth at the base. I have a 2” cylinder since while I am shooting for better erections, if to gain I’d prefer it to be length - as reccomended in Gprent’s thread about cylinder sizing. It is quite a snug fit, atleast for the lower 1/4 of my dick. What are your goals? BTW I got my pump from lapdist - expensive, but the only pump you will ever buy.

ozguy, Before you go out and spend any money, why not try to make your own cylinder. Acryilic tube can be bought in all diameters in oz. End caps can be bought at most hardware places. Drill a hole in the end and push the hose into it and seal it with a sealer, then put the end cap on the cyl again with sealer. Now all you have to do is SUCK ON THE END OF THE HOSE. to create a vacumn. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BUY A PUMP. To hold the vacumn in the cyl, bend the hose in half or buy a small plastic tap. Total cost about $5. Now if you want to experiment more, you may want to have a ” flared ” end . This can be done by holding the acryilic cyl over a electric stove element untill it goes soft and slowley flaring it outwards. This proceedure must be done slow .Do not heat the cyl up to fast. I have made many of these cyl’s of various sizes and would give you one or show you how to do it , but sorry I am no in oz at the moment.

Sucking on the tube really produces enough vacuum ? .. This sounds like a good idea.

Thanks myeight.

I picked up a sludge cleaner from a pet store, turned out to be 2.25 x 24” long, came with end cap and tubing for $25!.

I gave it a quick try and I can definitely draw enough vacuum to get the job done, now ill just cut it down and make sure it’s all sealed up nice.


Hey ozguy, did they have any 1.75” or 2” diameter tubes? I might have to look into getting one.

Yeah they did have smaller tubes, but not bigger. Looks like I need bigger, cause my penis is more shaped like a squashed oval and is to wide for the 2.25 :(

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