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Received my pump today.


Received my pump today.

I am very impressed.

It arrived in a plain box with the company name “L A P Distributing” in tiny words at the top.

I received (via email) confirmation of my order, and the day it would arrive by UPS.

The quality is excellent. I’ve seen those plastic novely pumps in stores, however, the “Deluxe” I ordered came with a thick glass cylinder, brass pump, quick release valve, pressure gauge, disconnect switch, etc…etc…

I orderd by debit card, and received it exactly one week from time of purchase.

Total cost: $155.56 (US)

I used this link:

So thumbs up to LAPD.


(PS, I received a video as well “Maximum Performance”. Is it any good? Believe it or not, I don’t have a VCR. I have a penis pump, a Penimaster, and some other curious trinkets…but no VCR! Figure that one out…)

Keep doin' what your doin' ...

And you'll keep getting what ya got.

I’m planning on getting the same one to. I’m not good with instructions. Does the pump come with a detailed manual on how to use it? I’m going to be lost without it. Thick glass cylinder, brass pump, quick release valve, pressure gauge, disconnect switch…geez. Hopefully the video explains everything.

Forget the video that comes with it, northstar. It’s useless.

By the way, the cylinder is not glass, it’s acryllic - unless LA Pump is now making glass tubes.

Enjoy your new toy and let us know how it goes. You lose your pumper’s virginity yet, or are you just admiring the packaging? :-)



With Avocet8’s kind help, I have chosen one for myself and placed the order last night. Hopefully I will receive mine very soon.


You’re right A8, it is acrillic! On the package it says:

“Handle with care, glass”

Apparently, I’m somewhat deceived by appearances…

That’s OK, probably safer this way.


(ps Mike, the instructions are pretty sparse. But you don’t need them. It clicks together effortlessly. And you can only do three things: pump, release pump, release pressure. The instructions on this forum will cover the rest.)

Keep doin' what your doin' ...

And you'll keep getting what ya got.

One more bit…

I ordered a 1.75 x 10 inch tube. Perhaps a touch small for my size, but if it works…I’ll happily buy a bigger tube.

(I measure 5.1 x 7.75.)

But the tube measures (on the outside circumference) 6.5 inches.

Let me tell you, a 10” x 6.5” cylinder is a pretty daunting size. I can’t imagine too many women being able to enjoy something of that magnitude.

I think I’ll be quite happy at 8 x 6.


(I still haven’t used the darn thing yet…things keep popping up)

Keep doin' what your doin' ...

And you'll keep getting what ya got.


Keep doin' what your doin' ...

And you'll keep getting what ya got.


I mean, OK, it’s just temporary and all (at this point)…but who needs GIMP when you have a pump?


Actually, I think this is another benefit to pumping that might have merit. There are few people who have succeeded that do not attribute some of their success to some form of mental conditioning. Pumping gives you a tangible size increase immediately.

No visualization needed.


(Thunder, you pumped for a bit, didn’t you? What were your experiences?)

Keep doin' what your doin' ...

And you'll keep getting what ya got.

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Nothing but good, once I learned what I was doing. I have some really old input in this forum. Make sure you have your “thread view” set to “view all” in your usercp and you should be able to dig some of the old shit up.

Good luck with your new equipment, just don’t get addicted to the GIMP look.

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So how was the pumping session? What hg did you pump at?

Ah…well, the first session ended a touch prematurely.

The sensations were quite intense.

That said I did manage to do some experimentation and found that uncomfortable twinges set in around 5 hg, 4 hg was about right.

I’m going to keep with the low pressure philosophy, tri-setting with jelqing and squeezing.

One more bit, the rest of the day I had all sorts of spontaneous erections and woke up with blazing hard ons.

Whether this is temporary or not, we’ll see…but so far, pumping is the shiznik…


Uh…really good.


(Gotta pump now)

Keep doin' what your doin' ...

And you'll keep getting what ya got.

Sounds like he’s in love, guys. Shizzle? Shiznik? Who cares?

Have fun. Be careful.



Sounds good, I´m still shopping around for good pump in Sweden, harder than you would think…

The art of conversation is not a martial art


I’ve purchased two cylinders from and have always been impressed with their service…..I’ve emailed with them and talked on tele.

My brass pump, without vacuum gauge, I bought at an upscale leather shop in Chicago in 1989 and it still works perfectly. I think that brass pump was designed as a marine pump to carry in boats to pump out water if necessary. It’s a workhorse.

Good luck,

OR eon
65 yo

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