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Raybbaby's Bathmate log and expansion study

Can the bathmate be used in the shower or only in the bath as the name suggests?

I use mine exclusively in the shower.. Fill it, then squat, insert unit, push against groin, stand and pump.. keep “some” pressure against groin to maintain seal while at same time allow the bellows to expand.. at a certain point it will stay there on it’s own, with only occasional “top up” pumps to maintain vacuum.

Was - NBPEL 6.5" BPEL 7.5" MSEG 5.5" Now - NPBEL 8.1" BPEL 8.7" MSEG 6.3"

I have taken to covering the foam cushion that seals against your tummy and scrotum with lube or hair conditioner, filling the bathmate with warm water, then putting it on and pumping up while standing in the tub, then I put down a doubled up towel on the seat or bed, and either watch TV, or surf the web, or lay in bed. If Im sitting up at the computer, as I usually am, I put one of those Rubbermaid wash basins between my feet, so it will catch any water I pump out of the Bathmate. It’s been working pretty well so far. Saves a lot of water compared to a bath or 20 minute shower.

Today, I spent 20 minutes in the pump, and was gonna call that good, but decided to go another 20. After that, my post pump girth was between 6 1/8” and 6 1/4”, So I put on a clamp and tried my best to stay erevt foe 10 minutes. Then 5 minutes of just shaking it, and slapping it on my leg. Then another 5 minutes in the clamp. Then just edging/maintaining an erection, and after 40 minutes my erect girth was still hitting 6”, so that seems really cool. I’m starting to think the bellows on the pump are worn out, and don’t produce as much vacuum as they did originally.

Two days off, then today, I warmed up for about ten minutes, maybe closer to fifteen, as I kinda lost track of time. Girth was over 5 3/4” but just shy of the 7/8” mark. Then did 100 wet jelqs, followed by another 20 minutes in the Batmate. Girth ws just over 6”, clamped and edged for 10 minutes, stayed prretty close to the 6” mark, maybe it shrank a little, to about 5 7/8” Then did ten minutes in the bathmate, with cold water and low vacuum for another ten minutes. Was still right at 6” for girth.

Today would have been a day off, but I woke with a good boner so I did the exact same workout as yesterday, same results.

So a few days off, then today I warmed up for 10 minutes, stayed under vacuum for another 15, and my girth was 6”, so I did 100 jelqs, then pumped back up for another 10 minutes. Then clamped for 5 or 10, followed by 5 minutes of low vacuum and cold water in the pump. Girth was hovering around the 6” mark for almost the whole workout.

A day off, then Pumped for 10 minute warm up, then twenty minutes at high vacuum, then clamped for 10 minutes, then cold water pumped for another 10 minutes, then clamped for 10 minutes. Girth was 6” most of the time.

Was going to take a day of, but decided to pump, at least a little anyway. After 10 minutes of warming up in the pump, girth was 6”, so I pumped for another 20 minutes. Girth hit 6 3/8”. Clamped and maintained the 6 3/8” girth for another 10 minutes, then unclamped and edged for 10 minutes, and it kept my girth at 6 3/8”. 6 hours later, I checked and my erect girth was still 5 3/4”. As the erection subsided, my penis actually got chubbier, hitting 5 7/8”. Same story this morning with my morning wood.

Bath mate usage

I have just started PE, for last week, I tried it in past for 1 month during that time I mainly only used bath mate, I got temporary girth gains of 0.5 inch that took about 3 months to go down back to normal I didnt really do any other exercises. While I did increase the amount I could expand my unit too in the bath mate in terms of length, this did not increase erect measurement rather it did bring me to my maximum erect size that I don’t normally get to, so that I was mostly always this erect. I have put my starting stats as 7.3 NBEL but its more likely around 7.5-7.6 at its maximum, after using bathmat for 4 days my erection has started to get to its maxium again.

I now use bathmate every other day and only about 15mins at a time, I get to maxium pressure then prese the bathmate against something so I force more water out than I can with my hands, I go to the point just before it gets painful then hold it for 3-4 mins and repeat until 5 mins are up. Doing this I can expand about almost an inch in length and about 0.5 - 0.7 inch in girth, I then proceed to do about 90- 95 % erect wet jelqs and when I do this I get my expansion about 0.3 to 0.5 inches more in length and 0.5 inches in girth, while jelqing. I only erect jelq when doing bathmate to avoid destroying my unit and rest days in between just do some dry jelq while watching TV or wet jelqs if I want to switch it up, I found doing stretching while using bathmate to be too much as bahtmate already expands me and prob the ligs quite enough, just doing kegels with bath mate on feels like a stretch.

I will see how this goes, try this for 1 or 2 months, hope I get some gains, but I’m not in a rush.

I am still pumping, but obviously not writing down every workout anymore. I sometimes do every other day, sometimes two days in a row, sometimes two days off in a row. But mostly it’s one on, one off. A workout is usually 10 to 15 minutes of warm up, followed by 100 wet jelqs and 30 v-jelqs. Then another 20 minutes of BM pumping. Then I might clamp and edge for 10 minutes, then unclamp for another 10 to 20 of edging. I usually am hovering right around 6 inches in girth after the pumping is over. I am wondering if the bellows on my pump haven’t lost some of their “strength” or springback. If I get enough money ahead, I’m buying a new one, possibly a Goliath, I don’t really pack the tube yet, but I’m close, and I’m tired of the rings I get around the base of my penis.

Worked out today, after a day off. After just ten minutes of warming up I hit 6” girth. Did a hundred wet jelqs and thirty v-jelqs, followed by another ten minutes of pumping. girth was still 6”. Did about 5 minutes of clamped bending, then another fifteen minutes of pumping. Girth was at about 6 1/8”. Edged for 20 minutes, girth maintained 6 inches until the fifteen minute mark. by 20 minutes I was back down to 5 3/4” though.


Are you of the mind that these gains from pumping are permanent? I was thinking about pumping, but after reading through this threat, I’m wondering if you’ve taken enough time off to notice whether the gains remain long-term. I don’t want to be a slave to PE and have to do it forever to maintain what I have. Otherwise, it sounds like you’ve gained nearly an inch in girth. That would certainly be my goal.

I have gained 1/2” in girth that I consider permanent. I can get another 1/2” from pumping, but it is only temporary. Probably going to take a break, and return when I’ve bought a new pump. The resistance from the bellows on the Bathmate are what causes vacuum, and I’m pretty sure mine is really wore out at this point.

Thank you for the answer. Do you think you would have gotten some of these gains without the other exercises? I’m very hesitant to start clamping. I already have a larger than average penis in terms of length, and right around average in terms of girth. I really don’t want to risk a perfectly functional member to widen it a little bit.

Raybbaby, whats the longest pumping session you have done ?

I have done a few 30 x 2 and love the size that comes out of the tube.I go in at 5.5 and come out over 6.

It looks like such a big difference to me.If I could keep that .5” girth increase I would be happy !!


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