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Raybbaby's Bathmate log and expansion study

Yes, hair will definitely interfere with the suction.

Thanks for the info sleepy728.. I’m gonna try that

Also do you use the BM while erect? I ask because I’m only 3 inches soft and find it much easier to use erect. When I’m soft it feels as though I can’t get a good pump

Originally Posted by 1 inch longer
Also do you use the BM while erect? I ask because I’m only 3 inches soft and find it much easier to use erect. When I’m soft it feels as though I can’t get a good pump

I don’t think it matters if you enter erect or not, I always loose my erection after a little while in the tube anyway. But if you feel you get a better suction when you enter erect then you should enter erect.

Hello. I feel like it’s been forever since I logged a workout. It’s really only been three days, but it seems like longer. was going to workout yesterday after having two days off, but got busy and didn’t get time. That may have been a good thing, I’m not sure. Today’s workout and pump session brought big numbers, so I’m super happy about that anyway.

So, three days in a row off. Nice long, 20 minute warm up with the rice sock and a bit of stretching followed by 200 wet jelqs and then 100 v-jelqs. Then hot water Bathmate for 10 minutes, doing ten second kegel holds. MSG was 5 11/16”, did another 100 wet jelqs, followed by 50 v-jelqs and another ten minutes of hot water Bathmate pumping. Best in the tube length was 7 1/2”, maybe even 7 5/8”, which is a new “in the tube” length record. Post pump girth hit 5 15/16”, so close to 6”, but gotta stay honest with those measurements. Was pretty surprised to see my girth was still hitting that after 3 days of not pumping.

So then, I kinda got in a hurry and forgot to do my Firegoat rolls. I just re-filled the Bathmate with cold water and pumped back up for my ten minute cooldown period. Measured girth afterwards to see if it was still close to 6”, and it actually was at 6 1/8”! Was so shocked I measured up and down the length of my dick to make sure I wasn’t actually just at some kind of temporary fat spot. But it was that thickness up and down the whole shaft, until I got right to the base, which was 6 3/8”. Pretty crazy, but if I’m gonna keep accurate measurements, I should record them when the number is surprisingly big, not just the times it is close to yet just under some number I’d like to see.

I then made the “ok” sign clamp at the base, wrapped my tape around the midshaft, grabbed the head, squeezing all the blood out, and did one of those compression squeezes, not as an exercise, but just to see how big I could get my girth. It slowly crept past 6 1/4”, then 6 1/2”, and finally it hit 7”. My length at this point had been extremely schmushed down, but I could not believe My dick was that fat.

The bad part? Well, I definitely overdid it with my workout today. Had a pretty ugly donut, and when I went to edge, I definitely had a hard time getting erect, and really only was able to get 70-80 percent hard. And getting an erection usually really helps alleviate the dreaded doughnut effect for me. It is much better now, but still not completely gone. Of course I did measure my girth while 70% erect and it was still at 6”, which astounded me, I usually lose 1/4” to 1/2” after pumping. But not today, not yet anyway. I was looking at a slightly donutted, slightly discolored NBP 7”x6”MSG erection. Going to try my best not to pump again for another three days, because today really rocked. Can’t wait to see how much girth I still have tomorrow morning.

Hmm, today is going to be an off day. Just measured girth and it was only 5 1/4”. Kind of thinking that may be because of flagging erection quality after yesterday’s big workout.

Today off.

Hey Ray, I finally broke down and bought the Goliath.

It was shipped from the Netherlands, but only took a week to get here.

It only comes in blue.

It’s ridiculously long. When taking it out of the package, my first thought was, this must be some kind of novelty or gag gift you see at the adult toy store. The girth/width is good for me. No more painful pumping with those red rings at the base of the shaft. Also, I probably won’t have to shave anymore. My expansion is awesome; I’m not pressed up against the sides anymore.

The negative points? It takes a good deal of water to fill up. With my Herc model, I kept a 32 ounce cup from a fast food place at the desk to fill it up. With Goliath I now have to have two of those cups. Also, it takes a bit of effort to pump with this thing. The rubber gasket at the base is a little firmer. I’m going to end up with more girth on my biceps and triceps, lol.

All in all, I’m keeping it.

Anybody who maxes out this thing will not be having sex with human females. Horses maybe, but not humans, lol.

Originally Posted by sleepy278
Anybody who maxes out this thing will not be having sex with human females. Horses maybe, but not humans, lol.

Some day I will Max out the Goliath, long long long term goal haha.

OK, I took three days off. Currently warming up with a rice sock. Any new breakthroughs in PE I should know about before I get started? I know one of you fuckers is sitting on the secret to gaining 1/4” in length AND girth every week.

So, warm up, stretches, 100 wet, 100 v, 100 wet jelqs, and into the BM for ten minutes. Immediately pump up to 7 1/4”, best length hitting 7 3/8-7 1/2”. Girth after 10 minutes of hot was 5 5/8”. 75 wet and another 30 or so v jelqs. another 10 minutes of hot water pumping, again, length hovering real close to 7 1/2”, about 200mm on the BM gauge. Girth after 10 minutes hit 5 3/4”. 2 minutes of Firegoat rolls, and then 10 minutes of cold water in the BM. Best girth was 5 7/8” after everything was all said and done.

I’m excited to say that my Bathmate is on it’s way to my door finally. I’m looking forward to giving it a shot.

Thanks @raybbaby for the continued updates and motivation from seeing your results.

Today off, yesterday too. Pretty much doing a one on, three off schedule now. I kinda missed logging my last workout. Pumped right up to 7 1/4”, 190mm almost immediately. After ten minutes I did about 70 wet and 50 wet jelqs, then pumped for another 10 minutes in hot water. Post hot water pumping girth hit 5 7/8” Cold water pumping at about 180 mm for ten minutes. Girth at 5 15/16” after. The majority of the time under hot water vacuum I was at around 200mm, or 7 3/8” in the tube length. Sorry about the lapse in my diary entry. I’ve been doing the one on, three off schedule for a few weeks now. Going to see how it turns out after doing this for a month. The idea is these long, intense girth-centric workouts require more time to repair the penile tissue, rather than hitting it so often. I don’t seem to be losing anything, so I guess we shall see.

Today off.

So yesterday, 11/18 I worked out. 100 wet, and 100 v jelqs. Then ten minutes of Hot water pumping, followed by 100 wet and 50 v jelqs, then another ten minutes of warm followed by the same 100 wet, 50 v’s, two minutes of firegoat rolls and then 10 minutes of cold water cool down. Best in the tube length was 7 1/2”, about 200mms, and post session girth was 5 7/8” Bit of a disappointment really.


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