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Raybbaby's Bathmate log and expansion study

There is the Goliath model that I’d bigger than the Hercules.. And the workout is pretty easy. At lot simpler/ less than what you are doing.

But the Goliath model was not released yet when This “review” was written. When somebody lies to me, I don’t take anything else they say seriously. DLD is a known liar, and he is just trying to sell Bathmates, as he gets a cut of the purchase from anyone who buys through his site, That dude is a joke. He casts a negative shadow on the whole PE community.

So, last two days off. Today was warm, stretch, 200 wet jelqs, then 100 vs, then warm water Bathmate pump. At the ten minute mark my girth was 5 3/4’, at twenty I hit 5 7/8”, then 10 minutes of cold and the MSG remained 5 7/8”. Longest in the tube length was 7 1/4”.

Sorry if you have written it extremely clearly and this is basically a stupid question. I just find it hard to believe. You are getting these results with doing pretty much less than an hour per week of pumping? Plus maybe another hour of jelqing and that’s basically it?

No, I don’t think so. I only recently cut back to a one on, two or three off schedule. For quite a while I was a four or five times a week guy. Just got to thinking maybe more time recovering might yield better gains. And I don’t think my gains have been that great, they’ve been good, but 1/2” in girth for almost a year of pumping, well more like nine months I guess, doesn’t seem that impressive to me. It does get close to 6” girth, but that’s very short lived, post pump engorgement. One day it will be permanent though.

In the last 3 years I’ve gotten about .1” girth via huge amounts of clamping and with lots of discoloration. If I could get .5” (ie get to 5.8” EG) I would be on top of the world! Were you still gaining girth at reasonable rate using other techniques before you started pumping?

No, Girth didn’t really happen for me using manual methods. My best gains prior to pumping was a temporary gain of about 3/16 from some experimentation I did with clamping a couple of years ago.

Yesterday and today off.

I planned on working out today, but didn’t get to it, so that’s three days in a row off.

So I worked out today. Warm up, 200 wet jelqs. 20 minutes of hot water, at the 10 minute mark my MSG was 5 1/2”, after 20 it hit 5 3/4”, and remained there after 10 minutes of cold. Then I edged for a few, and my erect post session girth hit 5 5/8”. It’s only frustrating until I think I started at 5” and I wish I would hit 6” already. But 5 5/8” is pretty awesome.

I always hear people saying good things about the bathmate. I have had mines for about 2 years now. I can’t never seem to get a good suction with the thing unless I’m laying down in the tub submerged in water. They say you can use it in the shower. I even have the little strap for it to use in the shower. But standing up it WILL NOT stay on. Am I doing something wrong here? I not a tub person so I can’t realistically see myself sitting in a tube everyday. Anyone using this device in the shower? Right now I’m just kind of feeling like I’ve wasted my money on this thing.

Have you shaved your pubes from the area the “comfort ring” seats against? The Bathmate cannot form a proper seal with hair in between the O-ring and your tummy/balls. After I’ve pumped up, I can stand in the shower and the pump will maintain a seal, even without the shower strap. So, short of you possibly having a faulty Bathmate unit, I’m going to say it is your technique. I had similar issues at first, and was only able to use it in the tub. It was a matter of technique for me. I shaved everything up really tidy down there, and now I can use the pump anywhere, sometimes I have it on while I’m sitting on the computer. (sit on a towel, to catch any water that dribbles or spills if the seal fails)

Also, yesterday was a rest day, and today will be also.

I had sealing problems when I first tried Bathmate. Then I trimmed a lot of outer hairs down and now the seal is amazing. I can walk all around house while pumped with it full of water. Just thought I’d mention what worked for me, as I DID NOT shave. I only needed to trim. So if you’ve got issues with shaving, try shortening the “outer” hairs first.

Maybe I should try trimming.. I never thought of’s definitely not a suction problem though because like I said it works in the tub.. It probably is my method. I’m gonna try it your way. Also when standing do you feel it with water with a cup and put it on or just the shower? Also when standing do you pump up towards pubes, down towards nuts, or straight in?

Have you noticed any length gain since using that BM?

I just fill it from the tap in the tub. I put it on holding the tube upright, with the o-ring facing the ceiling. I lean forward and rest my forehead against the wall, moving the pump in a vertical motion towards the ceiling/ my dick and tummy. And it is a suction problem. The difference is the seal is held underwater when you’re laying in the tub. With water outside the seal as well as inside, the vacuum will of course be maintained.


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