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Raybbaby's Bathmate log and expansion study

Hmm, if you can take a long bath or shower, I think the BM may be a good way to go. I don’t know if I’d go so far as to call it discrete.

Well…usually my shower are very fast. How much you have gained since your beginning with the bahmate?

I started at 5 inches MSG, and quickly gained 1/4”, that’s about a cm. I get another 1/2 inch (about 15mm) for about 12 hours after pumping, which puts me at 5 3/4 inches (14.5 cm). And as I posted earlier, even after 36 hours I was still at 5 1/2” yesterday, but I wouldn’t call that a permanent gain, just a very long lasting post-pump girth. The bitch about the bathmate is you’ve got to be able to use it for 20 minutes at a time. And with stretches and jelqs first, you’re looking at at least 40 minutes per workout.

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That’s a lot. And in EL or FL you got nothing?

Anyway that’s a good gain!!

No, no real length gains, but those haven’t really been my focus. Stretching, extending and hanging are more length-centric methods, and pumping, clamping and all the squeezing type exercises hit girth more, and that’s what I’ve been after.

Hey Ray,

ever tried doing 5 minute sessions throughout the day? Something I’m experimenting with, and enjoying. do 1-3 5 minute sessions. Then after maybe 4 or 5 hours, do another. Can be time consuming, but i get no lymph build up and get to do some strong pumping.
What do you think?


Start 11/08 BPEL 7" EG 5" 2009 BPEL 7.250" EG 5.375"

5/12/10 BPEL 7.75" EG 5.75"

Goal BPEL 8.5" EG 6-6.5"

Well, to each his own. Five minutes under vacuum doesn’t really allow my penis to expand much. But I can understand your idea, and I’ve read how some other pumpers have gotten good results with a second session later in the day. Let me know if you get good results. Right now I’m going to try to stick to a one on, two possibly three days off schedule. Sort of allow more time for healing.

I should jot down that I worked out yesterday. Warm up, stretches, 200 wet, followed by 100 v, followed by another 200 wet jelqs. Then 20 minutes of hot water pumping followed by 10 minute cold water cool down. Best in the tube length was probably 7 3/8”, an d girth out of the pump was like 5 7/8”, but really close to 6” initially. This was my first workout after a three day break, and I did notice quite a bit more of the tiny, red dot type of discoloration. Morning wood was 5 5/8” MSG, so that’s good. I may scale back my number of off days to just 2. I feel like the days off are helpful, but the increased number of red spots may indicate a loss of conditioning in the Dermis. Maybe that’s not worth worrying about. It looks pretty normal today. I guess only time will tell. Today will be off, probably tomorrow too, then, I guess I’ll see how I feel.

Today off, probably been 48 hours since I last pumped, and my girth is still at 5 1/2”. So that’s good news. Time off seems to definitely be beneficial, but it just feels as though I’m slacking, because I’m not actively PEing. Still trying to figure out if I should go 2 off or 3. I guess I’ll wait and see what tomorrow’s measurement says.

Day 3 off. Just measured girth and it’s still 5 1/2” after 72 hours without pumping or jelqing. So that is really cool. Was thinking about working out/pumping today, but since I haven’t lost anything yet, I’m going to wait until tomorrow.

:) - excellent!

Was - NBPEL 6.5" BPEL 7.5" MSEG 5.5" Now - NPBEL 8.1" BPEL 8.7" MSEG 6.3"

Ok, before I forget. I measured before my workout today, and still was hitting 5 1/2” MSG after 4 days. Then I warm rice sock warmed up, stretched, did 200 wet, 100 v, another 200 wet, and another 100 v jelqs. Then hot water Bathmate for 20-25 minutes, and then 2 minutes of firegoat rolls, then another 5 or 10 minutes of cold water pumping at lower vacuum. Best in the pump length was probably 7 1/4”, and girth after pumping was 5 3/4”. I expected it to be 6” or at least very close to that. And I just got it hard, well 75% anyway, and it only hit 5 1/2”. Kinda frustrating. We’ll have to see what tomorrow’s measurement brings.

Hey, you should try DLDs workout with the bathmate and extender.

ray, does using the bathmate give any sort of stimulation/pleasure? Didn’t know they could be used in showers so now i’m thinking of getting one and was curious.

Start:7.5 BPEL X 5 MSEG

Goal: 7 MSEG

Heere We GOOooh!

No, the only place it touches you is where the “comfort ring” rests against your fat pad and testicles. So the actual vacuum, while you feel it, it’s not providing you with any friction. Your penis is just kind of suspended in the hot water.

And that DLD guy is a bit of a shyster, so I think I checked out that workout at one time, and decided it was just way too much work. One of those workouts that suffers from the idea that the more exercises you do, the quicker you’ll gain. And it’s just not true in my experience. At 600 jelqs and 1/2 hour of pumping, I’m already thinking my workout is probably too much.

Edit: I just went to the MOS site and read DLD’s rundown on the Bathmate and that dude is just full of crap. He claims over 7 inches in girth post pump session. The interior of the Hercules is only 6 5/8” at the fat end. Really just one ridiculous claim after another over there. Not that the Bathmate isn’t a good piece of PE equipment, but with a max interior circumference of 6 5/8”, and max length of around 8-8 1/2”, It would be unuseable by someone with a girth of 6 5/8” and length of 10 1/2”. I really get mad when people lie.

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