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Raybbaby's Bathmate log and expansion study

Raybbaby, I tried a cold water session right after a hot water session. Yes, you’re right, one does stay pleasantly plump for a longer time period. I am going to pass on doing that regularly. Sticking one’s erection into cold water,… eek! It’s like taking a cold shower.

Crabman99, yes, I put the ruler on top, flush with the ring.

Crabman, I could post a picture, but I’m done with my routine for today. But I just set the ruler right down on top of the Batmate. it lays at a slight downward angle as the bellows are a wider circumference than the plastic tube, but It doesn’t make much difference. Just make sure you do it the same every time.

I should probably post my workout from today. Stretches, 100 wet jelqs, 50 v-jelqs, followed by 5 more wet, and another set of 50 each wet and v-jelqs. 20 minutes hot soak, 190-200mm in the tube, independent ruler measures of almost 7 1/2”. Post pump girth of 5 7/8”, rapidly becoming 5 3/4”. Still, I see signs of improvement.

I should also note that I would kegel and hold for a count of ten Mississippis before relaxing that muscle, and I counted to 600 this way, so I guess that is 60, 10 second kegel holds, which is pretty crazy when I think back to not being able to hardly do more than 5 of the 1 second variety.

No workout today.

Worked out today. Forgot to do jelqs. Weird. Warmed up, stretched and then put the Bathmate on. After ten minutes I decided to do a thirty second girth blaster, and then it occurred to me I had not jelqed. Any ways, at the ten and fifteen minute mark I stopped to do a girth blaster and refill the pump with hot water. Then two minutes of firegoat rolls and five minutes of ice water cooldown. 5 3/4” MSG, and pumped length between 7 and 7 3/8”.

Hey whats up I have a bathmate and I am wondering how to incorporate it into my routine effectively? I do squeeze base jelqing and have gained 1/8th of an inch of girth in two weeks so I’m guessing I can continue to gain with my current routine. Will pumping enhance girth gains? I don’t wanna kill my eq though so I guess I have to experiment. HAPPY PEing

I use my bath mate to do one 20 minute session a day, 2 daily sessions on week-ends. I have read a number of posts about how pumping lowers EQ but I haven’t noticed any problems. Perhaps EQ is an individual thing.

Yeah, If I try to get a 100% erection after pumping, I can tell if I’ve overdone it or not. But I think because I pump in the morning, by night time I’m always getting woodies. I may only be able to get 75-80% erect after a pumping session, but always wake to good hard wood.

Originally Posted by raybbaby
So about 6 weeks ago I got myself a Bathmate hydro pump. I have never air-pumped before, so I don’t have that as a frame of reference. I started PE around 4 years ago, I think, not really sure. With an S.G. extender and a similar routine to the newbie routine, I gained 1 1/4” in just six weeks. And that gain seems to have been permanent. But my progress stalled out right after that, and at 7” non-pressed, I was pretty satisfied.

I don’t know what it was about the Bathmate that grabbed my attention, but I really liked the simple design, as well as the idea of pumping with my penis soaking in hot water. It just made sense to me I guess.

I’ve been really happy with it so far. At first I only used it every other day, paying attention to how it felt and just being very cautious, as there was a lot of people who were sure the lack of a gauge would lead to injury. As I got more comfortable and competent with it, I stated to use it every day, kind of thinking more workouts, more often would mean more gains. I got to where I tried two sessions in a day. And that was too much, it resulted in a bit of a donut, and a bunch of tiny red spots on the penis. Went away in about 24 hours after some vigorous massage.

After I took a couple days off, I came back to it, and got my best expansion ever. That got me thinking, maybe a day off, and just pumping every other day would actually bring the best results, and the most expansion. So I went to pumping only every other day.

It seemed to work OK, but I’m still not that sure it is the most effective schedule. So I’m going to try to keep track of my days on/off, and my expansion and how it is effected by the workout frequency. Hopefully this will make this thread a bit different than the other Bathmate threads. I love VVC’s and Shiby’s threads, but I want to contribute something more to the PE/Bathmate user community. And I think this will be pretty interesting.

Looking to buy a bathmate, which model did you get and what was the cost?

Starting Length(Late August 8/11): 6.5 BPEL Currently:6.75 BPEL Short term Goal 7in BPEL

Starting Base Girth(Late August 8/11): 5.25 in Currently:5.40 in Short term Goal 6in

If you buy from the USA website, it’s $148, for the Hercules model.

They have a larger model, the Goliath for $199, but that model is recommended for erect lengths of 20 cm (7 & 3/4 inches).

Wow, expensive…Are there any other options?

Starting Length(Late August 8/11): 6.5 BPEL Currently:6.75 BPEL Short term Goal 7in BPEL

Starting Base Girth(Late August 8/11): 5.25 in Currently:5.40 in Short term Goal 6in

If you do a forum search, you’ll find a discount link from a user called Bathmate I believe. I think that’ll get the price down to about $119 for you.

I should log today’s workout. Warm up, stretches, more warm up. Then 100 wet jelqs, 50 v-jelqs, another 100 wet jelqs, 50 v-jelqs, another 30 wet, followed by another 50 v-jelqs. Bathmate wth warm water for 20 minutes. Was doing ten second kegel holds, but lost count. I’m guessing at least a count up to 600. 2 minutes of firegoat rolls, followed by 10 minutes of cold water in the Bathmate. Girth after the warm water pump was 5 3/4”, 5 5/8” after cold, and measuring with the independent ruler I got very close to 7 1/2” in the tube.


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