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Raybbaby's Bathmate log and expansion study

So I did my usual workout and Bathmate session this morning. Flaccid girth hit 5 3/4”, but no more. And my best in the tube length was 7 1/4 inches. Currently doing a second, shorter pump session. Just a shorter, lower vacuum session. Hopefully remind my penis how to be 5 3/4 in girth. I’d like it if I could sleep all night with a big fat night woody.

Woke to good morning wood this morning, which I wasn’t sure would happen after two pumping sessions yesterday.

Any gains you can assosciate with the Bathmate? And if so how much have you gained? Please answer

do you have any rest days?

Yes, I was doing every other day for a while, but now I’m averaging one day off for every three days on. I’ve been at this a while, so I am going more by feel and positive PIs than any set schedule at this point.

Should add I got a quick pump session yesterday. No real stretching or warm up, and just ten minutes of pumping in the shower. No post pump measurement, but I slapped on my ADC before I went to sleep last night, and my post night wood chubby hit 5 1/2 in girth this morning. So I think I’m going to start sleeping with that ADC (latex pump sleeve) on at night. I am a dude who gets a lot of night wood, and keeping those tissues as expanded as possible at night should really help.

Again, Yesterday I could only manage about ten minutes of Bathmate pumping in the shower. Then wore my ADC, which I should start calling my ANC, for All Night Clamp. Grabbed a tape measure and my morning chubby was 5 1/2” in girth, and maybe a bit more. Briefly I think it was 5 5/8”. I can only hope it stays that fat as I sleep at night.

You wore a clamp all night? Wow, you are brave!

It is not a regular clamp. It is a stretchable, inner ring from one of those penis pump sleeves that I cut the outer ring off of. I would never suggest or try wearing a hard clamp as I slept. That’s a real recipe for disaster.

Pumped again today. About 30 minutes warm water, followed by five minutes of cold, and then about ten minutes of edging. 5 5/8” MSG after the session.

I haven’t had a chance to read all 300 posts. Are you using the Herc or the Goliath. I bought a Herc but am thinking of upgrading. When I’m pumped up to the max, my penis is pushed up against the sides and can not expand any further(i.e. the tube is filled). I’m still thinking I can get some length gains, perhaps not.

My bathmate is now my favorite PE toy. I look forward to pumping; love the way it feels, love the way I look.

I’m using the Herc, I don’t consider the Goliath an upgrade so much as an upsize. I would agree, if you’ve reached the cylinder walls, your gains will be focused on length. Out of curiosity, What is your erect Mid-shaft girth?

There is a lot of variation from one day to the next but it is between 6 & 1/4 and 6 & 1/2.

Yes, I understand on the variation thing. But at a “small” girth of 6 1/4”, I think I’d be done questing for girth. That is a fatty by any standard.

I just got my bath-mate today and had a chance to use it; I’m really going to like it.

here are some other musings about it….

How can you really get an accurate reading of how larger your member is?

With a traditional plastic tube, you know exactly where you stand. With the bath-mate I have to wonder because of the compression of the rings after pumping the water out.

Some thoughts?


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