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Raybbaby's Bathmate log and expansion study

Um, I don’t notice much difference in my EQ, unless I’ve overdone it, and then it’s only a problem for 24 hours or so. I can’t say I’ve noticed improvement in EQ from the bathmate. And I can’t advise you as far as the Peyronie’s goes, as I’ve never had that problem. Best of luck to you, and your English isn’t really too bad.

Thanks ray

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Hi raybbaby,

I have had a quick read of this thread. I don’t have the time to read it all as my privacy is limited and schedule busy.

Anyway, i’m about the same size as you. Did you order the ‘hercules BM’ or the ‘goliath BM’?

And finally any tips for use?

Thanks :)

The Hercules will work well for anyone under 8” in length, and less than 6 1/4” in girth. And no real tips for use, warm up before hand, and I think keeping track of your progress is a good thing to do.

I don’t think so, maybe a little.

Did my usual warm up, workout today. Pumped up, but only to about 190 and then just kinda chilled, refilling the pump with hot water every ten minutes or so. And I let my pump session last 30 minutes today, instead of the standard 20. Then about 5 minutes of cool down with ice cold water in the pump. Still, My biggest post pump girth was just 5 3/4”.

Before I forget, I worked out and pumped again today. I think I was alternating 50 regular wet jelqs with 30 V-jelqs, until I had done 150 wet jelqs and 90 V-jelqs. Then I pumped with hot water at relatively high vacuum, but not totally maxed out. 190 mm on the BM marker, 7 3/8” on the independent ruler. And I left the pump on for 30 minutes. I didn’t get a good post pump flaccid measurement. But I got erect about five minutes after my cool down, and that was 5 1/2” and it hit 5 5/8” when I kegeled. So, all in all not too bad.

Yesterday off. Today I warmed up, stretched, did 100 wet jelqs, followed by 30 v-jelqs, then alternated 5o wet jelqs and 30 v-jelqs for two cycles. Total was 200 wet jelqs, 90 v-jelqs. Then warm water pumped for about 30 minutes. Whether the BM tube ruler said 185, or 195, The outside ruler said 7 1/4”. Post pump girth was 5 3/4”. So not too bad, but I got a ways to go yet.

Hi Raybbaby,

Thanks for the reply. I have ordered the Hercules. This thread is getting rather long and as I mentioned before my schedule is busy and I don’t get time on here often.

So, can you tell me what gains you have made since you have incorporated the BM into you PE routine? And in what period of time?

Thanks :)

Did my usual workout and pumping, probably warm water pumped for close to 30 minutes, with only a 5 minute cold water cooldown. pretty much at 7” in the tube, sometimes as much as 7 3/8”. 5 3/4” max girth after the pump session.

Hi ray!

A question, do you always pump at the same time of the day?

Yeah, generally. I try to get it done in the morning if possible.

That is when “T” is at its highest; an excellent time to bodybuild or PE.

Yeah, but I don’t know about the effects of testosterone on PE. I just usually have a pretty good chubby flaccid, as I usually get a lot of night-time wood.


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