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Raybbaby's Bathmate log and expansion study

Dude, that’s what this whole log is about.

I bought the Bath Mate and it was defective. Took many,many emails to get credit. I then found one on Amazon for $30-40. When it arrived, it was exactly the same unit or a good copy. I am happy with the second purchase.

Sorry I guess it was stupid to ask what you have been doing but how long have you been doing it and what are the gains?

Been doing it for around 9 months, with a month break in there somewhere. I’ve gained 1/4 inch in girth that I’m comfortable calling permanent. I gained that pretty quickly. Now I’m trying to figure out what I need to do to keep gaining.

I feel like I should add that I woke to good morning wood this morning, but I’m going to lay off for a day anyway.

Bathmate maximum pressure

Originally Posted by shiby916
Glad to hear you liked VVC and my thread. Hopefully you will have better luck for me with this device. For me, the problem lies with the lack of temporary expansion that I hear a lot about (probably the main reason why I have been discouraged with my BM now). I hear many folk gaining a temp gain of at least 0.5” EG. For me, I could only gain at least 0.25” and that was pushing it. I would have to really pump it to receive that sort of gain, but, my EQ would suffer big time and I would not be able to get fully hard prior to sex (at least 1” sorter EL) and that temp gain would only last a few hours. Over the period of a few day I just couldn’t handle it. I would have to drop the pressure to a point where It felt comfortable but I just would not get any expansion for weeks, did not get a good flaccid hang either.

So I have now decided to ditch my BM for the time being and buy a traditional pump. At least I know I can’t go wrong knowing that I have a gauge. After following up on the pumping 101 thread, my plan, is to pack my first traditional 2” cylinder, have a good idea what 5hgs of pressure feels like and then move back to my BM (2.5” cylinder).

Hopefully, this will all fall into plan.

After reading around at all the positive threads I have seen. I have come to the conclusion that only men who have been successful in the years of PE that has been able to build up a resistance from clamping and pumping will be able to gain very easily with this device.

I realised this after re-reading my thread which had a conversation with a man from another PE website who had gained a solid 1.25” EG. I had asked him before Christmas how much experience he had with PE as I was having little luck with the BM. He told me he had 3 years of clamping. Looking around the other successful stories, most men have reported many years of clamping behind the belts o other strenuous routines.

Knowing that the max pressure of the bathmate is 11.8hgs, it is starting to make sense to me now. Perhaps Big Girtha might be able to take his monstrosity girth to another level.

Can I ask how you are doing your routine with the BM to get that good expansion that I crave for?
• Do you pump down every 5 minutes?
• Do you pump until no more water comes out every time you pump?
• Is it comfortable/do you get the ring at the base?

I apologies for the long ass post. Even though I have gave up on my BM I still like to know as much info as possible 


How did you find out that the max pressure of the Bathmate is 11.8hgs? At the mattersofsize forum, it states the max pressure is 0.4bar.

Who is correct here?


Usual workout today, still alternating hot and cold pumping every five minutes. Unfortunately my best out of the pump girth was only 5 5/8.

Warm up and 100 jelqs. Did all 20 minutes in warm water today, then a ten minute coldwater cooldown. Biggest girth was 5 3/4”, so I’m still not sold on one idea being better than the other.

Raybbaby I need to take the time to read this and see how things correspond with my bathmate experience.

My one big question is, what is the most important thing/things you have learned about your bathmate?

I can’t think of any one thing.

Forgot to log an entry yesterday. Did the ten minutes warm/5 cold/5 warm/ and 5 cold for the cool down. And the usual workout. Fresh from the tube girth hit 5 3/4 inches, so no real new records there.

Did two pump sessions yesterday. One in the morning for the standard 20 to 25 minutes, and a second one in the late afternoon, for about 10 minutes. My thought was I could “remind” my penis of the enlarged flaccid state it is in for a few hours after my pump session. I don’t know if that will work, but it definitely didn’t hurt my morning wood, which was plenty healthy.

Hi ray,

Did you try pumping with a cockring?

Hello again. And no, no pumping in a cockring, never tried it. Today I did my usual warm up, stretches, 100 jelqs and then pumped up in the Bathmate. Pumped hot for the entire first 20 minutes, then measured girth, did Firegoat rolls for 2 minutes and pumped back up in cold water. My lengths in the tube were all over 190, but shy of 200mms. I measured “independently” outside the tube with a ruler, and my length according to the external ruler was 7 3/8”. My post pump girth was 5’ 3/4”. It seems strange to me that my post pump girth isn’t back up to 6” yet. Hrrmm….

I’m waiting for your 6” back, and I’ll order my BM!

Just a question,
I can’t do the newbie routine cause of a peyronie, I look for improving my bad EQ, is your BM routine improve your EQ even if you didn’t have trouble with impotence before? Did you notice a difference?

Excuse my english ray


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