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Raybbaby's Bathmate log and expansion study

Um, you will save up and buy them I’m guessing? And I just started back up after my de-con break, So I’ve only been doing it for like a week now.

Can you share any insights on discoloration?

Moneys not the issue, it’s just that I don’t have a credit card and it would be awkward using my moms haha. But goo lick with all of this!

Originally Posted by jackman2020

Can you share any insights on discoloration?

Search out “Firegoat rolls”. Also, after my 20 minutes of pumping in warm water, I cool down at low pressure with the BM full of very cold water, those two things seem to help quite a bit. Some discoloration is probably unavoidable, but I think it is in large part temporary.

Well that’d be great, I was very excited about the early results of pumping (bathmate). Better erections, much thicker, and noticeably longer. I’m hoping to be able to return to it before long.

My own take on the situation is to get it big first, and then worry about getting rid of the discoloration. The firegoat rolls and cold water seem to minimize it for now, but I’m not letting discoloration slow me down.

How much have gained since you started ray?

Current: BPEL 7.0, EG 5.0 at base, 4.75 mid shaft, 4.25 under head (thanks mom and dad for the circumcision)

Goal for August 1st 2012: BPEL 7.75, EG 5.5 / Goal for December 21,2012: BPEL 8.0, EG 6 (Lube and water will be scarce afterwards)

Lifetime: A third leg

I wonder about doing firegoat rolls after pumping. I do intend to do them, when/if I start pumping again, because I am hoping to avoid discoloration (from what I’ve seen on the forums removal of discoloration seems to be far from guaranteed).

What I wonder is, when you firegoat roll after a pumping session, to what extent is this fluid removal exercise you’re doing decreasing your gains? Couldn’t really say for sure, maybe none, but it seems that you are applying external pressure to drive fluid out of the tissues, fluid that would have otherwise been there for a time, applying an expansive pressure to tissue. It seemed to me, that when I did firegoat rolls after pumping, I sort of seemed to press most of the size gain right out of my unit (relative to what it would usually be if I just left it plump after).

Now I’m not certain of that, because when I started doing the rolls I had also begun pumping more lightly, so perhaps it was going to deflate that much anyway after the session, and not stay huge all day, as it had done before.

I suppose the thing I’m wondering is, what do you guys think about the question, “would condom pumping, and/or pumping with fire goat rolls after, be likely to result in less gains than just plain pumping?”. I do see people on here talking about the benefits of keeping the unit in a larger state for a prolonged period of time.

And in the case of condom pumping, the idea seems to be that the condom applies pressure to the external tissues, while letting the CC’s expand, but I find it hard to imaging that compressing (or at least limiting the expansion of) the tissues surrounding the CC’s doesn’t effect the expansion of the CC’s. To say nothing of the possibility that expansion of the tissue surrounding the CCs may yield it’s own temporary, or perhaps even permanent gains.

Yeah, that topic may deserve it’s own thread. What I’m currently doing is Firegoat rolls for a minute, maybe two, and then I plunge back into the Bathmate, only now I have it filled with ice water. The post pump girth seems to come right back, even in cold water, with just a slight amount of vacuum. I may hit a length of 160 in the tube, (as compared to the hot water pump of 195) and after two minutes or maybe a bit more, my penis is back to bright pink and plump. We’ll see. I didn’t get any pumping or exercises or even extender wear in today, so that kinda sucks. Oh well tomorrow’s a new day.

After doing some reading up on discolouration i now think most of what i’ve experienced from water pumping is hyperpigmentation,

Two common causes for this are inflammation and apparently heat ! so pumping in a tube full of hot water is probably likely to cause it,

Keeping the water warm rather than hot, avoiding fluid build up and keeping sessions short will all help, as will the cold cool down.

The other good news is that this type of discolouration often fades on its own and there are effective treatment such as Hydroquinone.

The hemosiderin type discolouration usually caused by bruising is much harder to get rid of.

Hmm, good to know. Missed a couple of days, maybe three in a row. Usual warm-up, workout and pump session today. 5 3/4” post session girth, pumped length was at 190-195 the whole time.

Didn’t log yesterday’s session, but it was the exact same.

Usual workout today. 190-195 the entire time. 5 3/4 Plumped up girth, and I think that’s three days in a row, so I’m taking tomorrow off.

Didn’t take today off. Woke up with killer morning wood, so I figured fuck it. Grabbed my Bathmate and pumped. Didn’t measure afterward, Just pumped up, chilled for twenty minutes, then cooled down for five minutes.

took today off.


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