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Raybbaby's Bathmate log and expansion study

No PE today. Darn it.

Today I warmed up, did 100 wet jelqs (both hands equals 1 jelq). Then got to about a 60% erection and went into the bathmate. 20 minutes and 700 kegels. Started out at 180 mm, after 100 kegels pumped to 190. After a couple hundred more kegels I pumped again, this time I hit the 200 mark. But I’ve started measuring on the outside of the tube, with a separate ruler. I really think the jump from 190 to 200 may come from (almost certainly) from compression of the bellows. While 180mm on the tube seems to be about 7 inches, 190 seems to be around 7 1/4 inches, and then from 190 to 200 doesn’t seem to really be much longer if it’s measured on a separate ruler. Anyways, post session girth was 5 3/4”. Should probably wear my extender, but I’m putting it off and enjoying my “chubby” from pumping.

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Congrats for your results.I have a bathmate too but if i pump to the point of where i can’t pump
anymore water out of the tube i have a very bad discoloration and my eq is bad but if i pump
lightly i have nearly no expansion.

So my question is what do you think is the best for me,will i grow even if i don’t have expansion and what is your
opinion on the days off.


I think you have to get some expansion in order for your penis to get bigger. Obviously you don’t want to overdo it either. And I think manual exercises are and should be the basis of your program. I pumped pretty hard yesterday, but woke to good morning wood this morning. I think one day of pumping, followed by one day off is a really good schedule to follow. You have to start out with lower vacuum, say two good pumps, and work towards high vacuum sets.

No pumping today, but I did the old rice sock, stretches, 100 jelqs workout, and put on my extender.

Hi Raybbaby

Got my extender at last, used it for about 3 hours yesterday and was all good

Pumping session today felt amazing, way better than usual with the feeling of an intense stretching in every

Direction, have you noticed anything similar using the pump after stretching ?

Think I,m going to stick with using them on alternate days for a while .

That’s kind of my plan too.

Standard warm-up, stretch and 100 jelqs. Bathmate on and pumped immediately to 190 mm. probably biggest length was 195, maybe a little more. Between 7 1/4” and 7 1/2” on my external ruler. post pump MSG of 5 3/4”. Got it erect and it was 7” non-pressed length, 5 3/4” erect girth. Kind of torn whether or not I should put my extender on, stretching it also makes it skinnier, and I’m thinking I should just leave it all plumped up and short for a while. Probably put it on in a little bit.

Yesterday off. Today I warmed up with the rice sock for a good long while. Probably twenty minutes or more. Two sets of five way stretches, followed by 100 wet jelqs. Pumped up to 195mm immediately. 7 1/2” on the external ruler. Did 700 kegels and just chilled for 20 minutes. Got 5 3/4” post pump girth. That was it for today.

Actually, that wasn’t it for the day. I managed to wear my extender for around 3 1/2 hours. And I’m wearing it again right now, but no pumping or working out today.

Only got about an hour and a half in with the extender yesterday. Usual workout this morning. Pumped right up to 195 (7 1/4” external ruler measurement). Just chilled at that length and did 700 Kegels over the next 20 minutes. 5 3/4” girth fresh out of the pump.

Long story short, can you post here your 6 month experience with BM like +/- (f.e. + is gain, - is bruises overtrained ect)

Is it worth a try? :D

Start NBPEL 5.9" MSEG 4.7"

Goal 7x5

I love mine. I’ve only gained 1/4” in girth, and that I gained right off the bat. Today I hit a post pump girth of 5 3/4”, and my E.G. is 5 1/2” which is a quarter inch more than my morning wood was this morning. Just gotta make that permanent.

Standard warm and workout this morning. Pumped up to 195 in the bathmate, did 700 Kegels. Post pump girth was 5 3/4”. Still curious about workout frequency. Hmmmmm. Been sticking to every other day, but I’m wondering if two on two of might be better.

Hey, how long have you been doing this routine and what all have you gained? I want to start an extender + pump routine, to mainly striaghten out my curve and get thicker. But I have no idea how I will get either of the products :\


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