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Raybbaby's Bathmate log and expansion study

Yes, your guess is as good as mine as to why the cold actually keeps the post pump flaccid so big and hefty. I’m sure the cold reduces inflammation and speeds recovery.

So, yesterday I did a bit of a workout. A long warm up with a rice sock, some stretches and 100 wet jelqs. Then just about ten minutes in the Bathmate. And then I wore my extender for 2 1/2 hours. I’m unsure as to how to structure my new workout schedule or routine. I’m thinking maybe just ease back into it, doing some short pumping sessions every other day. And maybe concentrate on stretching, jelqing and extender use on the non pumping days. What does anyone else think?

Just ordered an extender myself, I usually pump for an hour 3 days a week so I plan to use the extender on the days

In between, not worried about length gains I’m hoping the extender will help break down the tunicas resistance for pumping

More girth , kind of like stretching out a balloon to make it easier to blow up.

Yeah, it may work like that. The tunica may be broken down by the pumping, and the damaged tissue stretched by the extender as it heals, resulting in length gains. You may get both. Definitely going to be some trial and error.

If you don’t mind me asking what position are you using the extender in ?

I was thinking I might try it to the left and right rather than up or down as it maybe easier to conceal ? Not sure yet

How practical this is though.

Down is easiest to conceal. Left or right won’t work, it is hinged to swing up or down only.

Damn ! I figured I could just turn it sideways and use it like a round the waist stretcher such as Phallosan, guess I,ll have

To break out the big shorts after all

nah dude, the arms are way too rigid. I wear mine up and held in place by my belt/waistband, or tucked down into my pants.

Have you ever tried stacking up shorter sets with the bathmate ? Like 3 or 4 10min sets instead of one 20,

I usually do 4 15minute sets with my pump at around 3hg, it’s not till the 30min mark that I get really good expansion and

Anything over the hour gets too much I also drop the pressure to zero every 5mins for 30 secs to restore circulation.

The angle you hold the tube at makes a big difference too.

So, the past few days I’ve started easing back into PE. Yesterday I did 100 wet jelqs and about 10 minutes in the Bathmate pump. Today I warmed up with a rice sock, stretched, did 100 jelqs and wore the BM for around 17 minutes. Oh and I did 600 kegels while wearing the BM. Pumped right up to 190+ in no time at all, and spent probably 16 of the 17 minutes at that length. Then jumped out and slapped my extender on. Post session girth was 5 3/4”, both flaccid and erect.

Isn’t it a hassle to put your penis in the extender having that post pump girth ?

Starting stats: 6.4" / 5.6" Current Stats: 7.4" / 5.8" Short term goal: 7" / 6" Long term goal: 8" / 6.5"

Yeah, a little bit. But I figure the tissue is warmed up and broke down enough that this is a good time to do it. And it’s just going to keep getting girthier, so may as well get the extending in while it will still work. Another 1/2 in girth and I won’t be able to use it any more.

OK, I think I’m back at it. Did the old warm up, stretch, 100 wet jelqs and then put on the bathmate. Did two sets of ten minutes today. Almost all of it at 190 mm. did 400 Kegels during each ten minute set. And after the first ten minutes did 50 wet jelqs before pumping back up. Post session girth was 5 3/4”, possibly 5 7/8” in some places, and base girth was 6 1/16”.

Did the same routine today as yesterday. Only I did 4 sets of 5 minutes each, doing a minute long girth squeeze in between sets. Post pump girth at 5 7/8”. And managed to wear my extender for three hours this afternoon.

No pumping today, but did a warm up, stretch, and 100 jelq workout. Edged for about ten minutes. Called it good.


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