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Qusetion about pumping.

Qusetion about pumping.

I made my own home made pump with a gauge and extra.

The only nifty thing is the tube which is plastic, has a big diameter but to compensate on this I could put some latex soft tube in the opening that attaches to the tube and I believe with the vacuum will also attach to the penis and sigil.

I have seen the idea in a pump in a sex shop I went for it after watching “austin powers”.

I haven’t pumped yet and I am curious if you know from your experience if such a pump will do.

Also if it will be ok I would like to ask(probably has been asked before but I can’t find) in what vacuum value should I pump?

I go for girth gains only and I saw on a thread that opened hobby about making his own pump that low vacuum for extended period of time would be the way for permanent girth gains.

So what will be this low vacuum value?

The pressure should be somewhere between 4Hg to 5Hg.

Start with a 5 minutes pumping session, do a jelqing session of about 5 minutes and then pump again for 5 minutes.

Then after a few days you can add another pumping session.

Experiment but be careful, don’t be tempted to over pump or to use too high pressure (anything higher than 5Hg).

Read avocet8 post Pumping101 at the top of the Pumper’s Forum, though be aware that it might not be updated regarding the time you should spend in the tube as a beginner.

If you have more than 2 months of jelqing experience, you can do some squeezes in your sessions between pumping, or whenever - horse440’s, sadsacks, uli’s, pan squeezes, horse shoes, and variations. But remember all these are not for newbies! They can be dangerous so go slowly.

I don’t have any experience with a home made pump so I can’t help you on this, maybe hobby or someone else can?

Some ideas for inserts are in this thread.

What are the inside and outside diameters of the tube you have? What size do you need it to be (or what is your girth)?

Thanks for the input.

Braker says 5Hg would this be in cm or inches?

The inside and outside of the plastic tube are pretty much the same as it is thin(2mm thick).The diameter is bigger than the diameter of my penis that’s why I attach an elastc latex tube on the opening that should suck in with the vacuum if I get a seal.

Do you think will do fine this?

Don’t go over 5 inches Hg. Start out with less.

Try the latex and see if it works. Thunder had good luck with something similar.

Thanks for the advice. I tried it and works somehow. I trimmed my hair and put lots of lubrificant.Otherwise it was impossible to get the seal.

Problem I guess

I said it worked.True byt the problem is that when I reach 5inHg with the trigger and let go, pointer will start to go down so I have to “reshoot” 2-3 times to go again at the 5.
Is this normal for a pump?

Question: I have some open scars on the foreskin and particullarly one at the line of foreskin that attaches under the meatus with the rest of the foreskin.
When I pumped I felt them pain, so is it safe to pump now?
I also am afraid that this particular wound may close(heal) when my foreskin is over my glands(here the scar can not be seen as it is inside,covered) and thus unite the skin together in a manner that will be problematic to pull it to the position that uncovers the glands.
Is this realistic?

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