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Quick pumping question

Quick pumping question

I think I posted before that I’ve been enjoying a little supplemental pumping with the newbie routine. Outside the normal routine, I pump only when I feel like it.and it’s usually very short sessions. 1-2 mins in the pump with maybe 1-3 sets. I know that pumping can be hazardous if not done properly and with proper equipment.which I will procure if I find that it’s something I want to do long term. Right now I’m just messing around with a gravel vac I got at the pet store.but it seems to do the job. I’ve been reading about appropriate suction pressure being at about 4-5 hg. I know I can’t get accurate without a gauge, but does anyone know about what the typical pressure a human can apply with the mouth? 2hg? 20gh?-100hg?? I can say that I can’t imagine taking anymore pressure then I’m giving, but part of that is due to the uncomfortable nature of the device. I just want to make sure I’m not applying 100gh

Please refrain from any golf ball through the garden hose or chrome on a trailer hitch jokes :-)

At like 70 f 29.9 hg is enough to boil water out of a refrigeration system. So your not doing 100hg. I think I read something like 15 hg is what you can do with your mouth, so you can create enough vacuum with your mouth to injure yourself so you really need a gauge.

I can get up in the range of 15 to 20 in-HG using my mouth. I checked it on a guage. After a while of pulling you will cover the tue with your tongue, and then pull again on it.

Thanks for the replies guys. Like I said, I sure don’t feel like I’m injuring myself, but wanted to to be cautious. My situation doesnt really allow me have a full fledged pumping system with gauges.or a retail pump. The gravel pump fits into my household without anyone knowing. I’m only 2 months into PE but would like to set up a long term routine by the new year. Something I can hit hard and stick with. The newbie isnt doin much for me so I want to step it up a bit

happi I also use a gravel vac tube from the pet store. To make it more comfortable cut a section of a bike tube, about 2 inches is enough, and stretch it so that it fits over the end of your gravel tube. Put 1” over the end of the tube leaving 1” off the end. The free end will curl in. This rubber will then act as both a seal and also make it so the end of the tube is not sharp because it will be the rubber tube that is pressed against you, not the plastic. Just tape the rubber tube onto your gravel tube with some electrical tape and it will stay in place and last a long time. This should make it so that you could pump at pressures above what are recommended and still not have the gravel tube hurt you.
Just make sure that you lube the rubber when lubing your tube or dick so that it slides on easily.

I also use a small ball of wax to plug the other end of the suction tubing after I get to pressure. This allows for hands free while the vacuum is held for the 10 - 40 min or longer session.

If you do not have a gauge to determine what pressures you are using, I would recommend not only applying enough to expand your dick to a little less than your erect length. The less you pack your tube the further from erect length you will want to go. It is easy to over pump. I can go up to 10 hg before it starts to feel like a really strong pump and when I first started pumping with out a gauge I probably often was holding vacuum around 7 to 9 hg. It felt great but it started giving discoloration and caused too much fluid build-up.

I currently fully pack my gravel tube up to my head after about 5 min. of being in the tube, so, I believe that I end up getting more force pulling my unit longer instead of just girth. If you are not packing then you may need to not expand your unit as long because of the additional girth expansion that will be taking place.

I do believe that pumping without a gauge and pump can be safe, but, you have to somehow learn what is a good vacuum range, which is hard to do if you never have a gauge to check against.

On a different note, even if you add pumping to your PE, I would not remove the stretching from your routine. While I am doing some pumping now, my first inch of BPEL gain was through stretching and jelqing.

Thanks for the great advice Laeh. Ill try the bike tube for sure. I actually just threw an old one out, bummer. As I said, pumping has been more of a fun activity that I’ve been messing around with on days off or to get some blood flowing into my unit prior to jelqing. I will never stop stretching and right now jelqing is the meat and potatoes of my routine. At the end of the month I plan on switching and picking things up a bit. As PE is so private, independent, not well studied or talked about (except here), selecting a method and routine seems to be a bit of a crap shoot. Results come so slowly, it’s hard to be patient enough to see what works or what isnt working when it comes to growth. I would say after 2 months of hard newbie routine, I have very little growth and have mixed reviews on EQ. I’m planning on following KROD (The Krod pics thread.) since his story resonated with me. I plan on posting this to newbie forum as well to get some advice on this.

So what do you mean by packing? I can search the forum, but if you could reply that would be great as the search feature is not that efficient here.

Thanx again for the replies, I do appreciate the help

packing means that while in the tube your girth has expanded enough so that you dick is touching the walls of the tube all the way around and all the way up to your head.

Packing the bottom of the tube, or packing 50%, 80%, etc. are all ways of describing how far up the tub your unit is fully in contact with the walls of the tube.

happi, if you think the search feature is not that efficient here, I suspect that you have not used the advanced search.

When you click on Search, don’t just enter a term. Click on Advanced Search. If you do that, use packing as your Key Word, with Search Titles Only selected, and show results as threads, you’ll come up with lots of pertinent information.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Happi - if you can get to 100 hg using you mouth, I bet you could suck a dick like a golf ball through a garden hose.

Awesome guys. Thanks!! Ill give it a try.

Thanks laeh.I guess I’m packing 90%. I’m touching all the way up to the gland. My gland is pointier, so from the skirt to the tip it’s not touching

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