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Questions for Bathmate

Questions for Bathmate

Just getting back into PE after a longgg hiatus.

Due to a very busy schedule, I am going to just do some stretching and then water pumping with my bathmate. A couple questions:

1) Is it best to enter the bathmate completely flaccid, semi-erect, rock hard?
2) How long is the best amount of time, and do you break it up? ie. 20 mins total made up of two 10 min pumps?
3) How often should one use their bathmate? The box says 5 days on in a row and then 2 off…



Back on Jan 3, 2012 - Stats: FL- 4.5", FG- 4.8", EG- 5.6", EL- 6.1", BPEL- 6.8"

Goal by Jan 1, 2013 - EL- 7.5", EG- 6" -----> I have a LONG way to grow :)

Grow or Die Tryin'

You can pretty much do what the box says. However, there is an actual forum for bathmate users. It is called Matters of Size. You may get more information about actual bathmate users.

Here are my personal recommendations for using your bathmate:

- Find out what your max length is when fully pumped, so that you stay under that mark, at least in your first couple of weeks. In my opinion there’s no need to pump to max pressure unless you want discoloration and fluid buildup.

- It’s not a bad idea to do some light stretching before entering the pump.

- Immediately after each time you pump more water out, lift the bottom of the pump with your scrotum still in contact with the seal, this will enable you to kegel blood into your penis and help it adjust to the new pressure. It’s also a chance to exercise you BC / PC muscle. I try and do 20 short kegels for each cm of water pumped.

- This may be contentious, but I find I recover much more quickly from pumping and suffer little to no drop in EQ if I do 5-6min sets alternating hot and cold (with ice in the pump) and do a few jelqs in between to make sure I’m getting a bit of internal pressure to complement the external vacuum created by the pump. I try to keep the whole duration of the workout under 30min..

The interesting part is that if I pump at 80% of max pressure with hot water for 20mins as per the instructions, I get fluid buildup that takes about 8 hours to drain.

One more thing. I think it’s very important that you monitor your EQ and PIs in order to get the rest part correct. You might be able to do 20mins twice a day 6 days a week and you might equally find that 1 on 1 off is the most you can do without affecting your EQ. I’ve noticed that pumping affects my EQ more than other exercises (I don’t hang but I occasionally clamp on top of other standard exercises).

You can enter either way. I often enter it flaccid after a nice warm up, some stretching and jelqing under hot water, then it hangs good and I enter the bathmate. I pump a while then I take it out and do some more stretching and jelqing. After that I get it rock hard and enter the bathmate again and so another pumping set. A good thing with taking a break is that you can fill up the tube with new hot water.

You can pump 20 minutes without a break if that feels good for you. You can even do longer sessions but be careful if you are new at pumping.

5 days on 2 days off. That sounds ok. If I notice my erections not being at 100 % I sometimes take a few days off and then get back at it again.

There are no certain 100 % rules for you to follow. Mix it up, try what feels good.

thoughts on edging/masturbating immediately following a pump?

are people finding they’re getting permanent gains from their bathmate?

Back on Jan 3, 2012 - Stats: FL- 4.5", FG- 4.8", EG- 5.6", EL- 6.1", BPEL- 6.8"

Goal by Jan 1, 2013 - EL- 7.5", EG- 6" -----> I have a LONG way to grow :)

Grow or Die Tryin'

It’s too early to tell as I’ve been using it for about 3 months, but I have to say I’m starting to think what other users have posted, which is that it’s mostly good as an accessory to help with PE. It does of a great job with warm ups, but I’d have to agree that gains from this pump, if they do show up, are cemented with 6 months + of usage.

Me personally I like going it flaccid and feel less discomfort then if I was to go in erect.

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