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Questions for Avocet8


Thanks for the reply, and it’s also good to see you’re still keeping an eye on things around this forum.

Thanks. But the vets do a more than splendid job. I usually just get to watch. There’s a lot of very sensible knowledge in this forum.



Hi Avocet8
First of all let me thank you for your input giving your time and effort to help us.And of course irish for starting this thread. You chose a right person.

I made a strap using velcro(for the whole package). It is comfortable and in the first 20 to 30 minutes I have a very good buldge but after that it gets completely flaccid and turtled. I tryed to put more tension and made it tighter with no additional benefit.
Do I need to make kegle every now and then or what shall I do.
My main concen is flaccid thats why I ordered a pump too. I hope pump whith your method will help.

thank you again.

Use the Spell Check button at the bottom of the panel, glanzino, before you send your posts. Thanks.

There’s a real long thread on that subject. If you want to increase flaccid size by wrapping, be prepared for the long haul. This takes time and patience. It’s normal to lose your tumescence after a time and no amount of tightening the wrap will likely change that; plus, you don’t want to cut off good blood flow to your package. Gradually, though, over months, you’ll likely get some flaccid gain. Some of the other vets and I have.



Thank you avocet8.

I always had problem with spelling and I was a bit in hurry today that’s why I didn’t use spell check.

I will read the thread and I hope I wont have any more turteling.

Thank you

does LA distributor ship in discreet packaging? I checked the FAQ and it said nothing about it’s packaging.

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Originally Posted by WetMayo
does LA distributor ship in discreet packaging? I checked the FAQ and it said nothing about it’s packaging.

Be warned! There is a huge sticker on the package which says: “PENISPUMP”:) ))

Just kidding….it`s discreet!


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