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my dick is about 6.1 elbp and 4.5 eg. I actually am a little narrower towards the base of my dick and I am not sure why. I have a Dr. Kaplans pump and I just started pumping and jelqing. I have been doing the jelqing for about a month and I have gained about 1/16 to 1/8 of and inch in girth. The only problem is that I am still skinnier at the base. Obviously I want alot more girth. (all over) Can anyone give me some tips. Also does anyone know how I can get the base to grow more than to upper shaft. I would love to be about 7.5 el and 5.75 eg.

Please help

Some of the guys who hang have said they have had good base girth increases.

Don’t know if you are into girth squeezes. If you are, try covering the entire top half of your shaft including the glans with one hand and make as narrow an OK grip at the base as you can with the other. This is difficult to manage since your OK grip is going to squeeze part of the area you want to grow thicker. A firm cock ring might help some with that problem - so that you don’t have to squeeze quite so intensely at your base grip, thus allowing some more expansion down to the cock ring.

If you haven’t used cock rings, read about them first. There are some important rules in their use.

Interesting question. I wish I had some better answers for you. Seems to me from my reading that most guys tend to gain more at the base over time than elsewhere, through their regular exercises. That might be the case for you.



Girth at base


I started about six months ago power jelqing(with a PJ) for about a month. At that time I began hanging exclusively with a BIB hanger. I’m a pretty old guy and have trouble with erections, however I recently purchased some pills that help with erection. The point I’m getting to is that when I’ve been able to get a good erection I notice that my base diameter has increased a lot. This increase seems to be above(closer to the base) the rear most portion of the hanger.


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