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Question to anna, or other women readers

Question to anna, or other women readers

Since “anna nymity” has found us and asked a question, I’m curious to know from her about this:

We get a lot of posts expressing anxiety from guys who are fearful about being “found out” that they pump by their wives/girlfriends.

If you were not a member here (you already know how a lot of us think) and found your husband’s penis pump in a closet or under the bed, what would you think about that? I mean, would you be pissed, or shocked, or what?

Guys whose wives/girlfriends found theirs can answer what their SOs said, too.



I would be grateful if found out he was pumping. I have mentioned the success of members here and he rather leave it be but always…and I do me always, mention he wished he had more.

I have to admit when I have come across guess who pumped I thought it was weird. At least the pictures they shared made it look weird. Looked that they were deforming their dicks more than anything. Pump abuse or something. Of course this was like one or two guys from way back when but these two guys didn’t make it hard to think pumping must not be the way to go.

Now that I am a little wiser and am hearing more guys talk about pumping, I’ve become interesting in knowing more about it.

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Zig Ziglar

Also, do I have to read through the forum to find if there are any downfalls to pumping after a long period of time?

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Zig Ziglar

This is the first time I have entered the realm of pumpers forum.

Would, I, if not knowing what I know, be shocked, horrified? Probably not, but I would ask questions, and accept the answer as I understand the principle behind changing tissue structure. Not much shocks me anymore.

I do remember our youngest child, walked in on my ex one day while he was pumping. The young man just stood there, looking at his dad, and asked, “does it work?” That was the day that our youngest was introduced to Thunders and the potential of a bigger penis. He read and asked many questions, and then went “cool”.(He is now a member here).

Like Anna, since the current bf also pumps, plus other exercises, I plan to spend more time here reading and learning. Knowledge is power. For me, I have been involved, first with the ex, and now the current bf, with their efforts to gain length or girth. Why do men hide this from their wives? After all, you are doing it one, for yourself, and two, to make your relationship better. I’ve never understood why you hide it.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Sunny, so is Phat your Ex, BF or son?


Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.

>>I have been involved, first with the ex, and now the current bf, with their efforts to gain length or girth. Why do men hide this from their wives? After all, you are doing it one, for yourself, and two, to make your relationship better. I’ve never understood why you hide it.>>

I hid pe for a year. At first it was because I was skeptical myself and didn’t want to feel stupid. When I knew it worked I had reservations about how the wife would react. Not all react possitively. There have been guys whose wives went ape, issued ultimatums, yada yada yada. These womens objections stem from various reasons. Some are so puritanical that they consider it a “sin”. Some are worried that their husbands may desire to try out their new and improved tackle on other women. Usually the women who object make it about themselves rather than seeing that its HIS issue not hers. After I had gained enough that I had to take a hiatus for the wife to adjust I found an opportunity to tell the wife and things have been great. With my wife I think that if I would have handled it in the wrong way it could have gone badly. But being married for 25 years gives me a lot of insight into how she thinks. I still don’t think sharing this info is right for every man. I think each needs to carefully consider whether it is advisable or not. For me it was a very good move.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Thanks luvdadus, makes perfect sense now.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Welcome to the inner sanctum, sunny. There’s not much shocking here but there is a whole lot of good, accumulated experience and knowledge.

A PE Family. I think that is very cool.

I think luvdadus is absolutely correct. Deciding IF one should tell a partner about PE is one thing, deciding HOW to do that is the critical factor in acceptance.



I wouldn’t be mad if I found the pump but I would be curious about it.

If my partner was still not willing to share with me what it was I might think he was hiding something from me then. I would wonder why I was not allowed to know about what was up. That would be to me a chance for him to share instead of hide PE.

I realize that its something you mostly do for yourself. But your partner is going to notice the difference sooner or later. I think its something you should get out in the open so it doesn’t build up into some big fear of being found out.

I would be encouraging of anything that involves self improvement & makes you feel better about yourself. I don’t think its something that needs to be hidden.

Maybe some women might feel threatened if you don’t be open about it thinking you are doing it for other women. If you involve them in it though I cant see why they would worry about your intentions.

Keep up the good work guys & more power to you in achieving your goals.

I think this situation is divided into two subcategories. If the guy is (or got) huge I think it would be all right if he got caught by his partner, I mean, no big deal blabla.

BUT, lets say, for instance, that the guy is small and the wife/girlfriend founds her pump; her reaction would be starting to laugh in a evil way while saying to herself : “loser”. In other words, that PE tool would be considered by the girl as an aggravating to the fact that the poor man has a small dick.

Just my opinion. Thats why I will keep hiding my pump like it was Saddams WMD until I reach my goals.

Just my 2 cents:

My wife and I have a very, very open and honest marriage. I did not hide it for
long until I found the best time and way to tell her. I initially wanted to pump
to help with a small ED problem. I wanted to improve the overall “health” of my
penis and thought the circulations benefits from pumping would improve my ED problem.

It begin with us talking about my ED, the causes, etc.. then I explained to her what I had
bought and what it does. I then showed it to her. She was very curious and wanted to
know more about it. She is not however, curious enough YET to watch me. She was
actually pleased that I was doing something to help the problem and it also releived her
fears that most women would have—“I’m not attractive to you anymore”.

With all that said and out of the way, she know now that if I am in my office with the door
closed, she is not to come in. She is fine with giving me the privacy and understanding
that is required. To keep “walk-ins” or “knocks” I obviously don’t pump at 6 in the evening.
It is either real early after she goes to work or real late when she is in bed and I can’t sleep.
If it is the later, and she comes down stairs to look for me and sees the office door shut, she knows I am pumping and not having a “computer affair”.

Having said all that, I can only advise someone to share this with their loved one. She will really
be thankful for your honesty and it may afford you my private times when you need it. She may even understand why you need to go to Lowe’s now and then for tubing or why you have so many TheraP wrist straps laying around.


Keep working, keep learning


Knowing one is not going to be interrupted takes a lot of anxiety out of a very personal activity. You have a nice situation, kooky. How’s that large vein of yours doing these days?



Going great avocet8. In fact, pardon me for not replying to you from an earlier post.
After using the rice sock and a combo of asp and Ibu for about ten days and massages
after the heat, all is well in koookyville.

And yeah, you are right about one other thing, I have a GREAT situation. Hell, she even
gave me a hose to use as a cover for my rice sock. I asked her if she had any old nylons
she had planned to throw out and she said yes and asked why I wanted one so I showed
her. Whats really cool is that she also likes me to use the sock on her back before I give
her a back massage.

She also know where I keep all of my PE gear and just leaves things alone. She knows all about my cubby hole in my office closet and knows about the items wrapped in a towel at the
bottom of out bathroom closet. I am free to either pump in the shower, our bedroom, or my office. We have an open door policy in our home(all doors remain open), so she respects when I have a door closed. Also, I give her the same respect when SHE has a door closed. She likes to sneak away to a room and listen to music and laydown and read. Or, she will also what time alone to go into the office just to play computer games. We are able to have this type of honesty I believe because we were in fact best friends before we started dating. I know that sounds like a cliche but it is the truth.

Anyway, I better stop before this gets to be preachy, but guys, TALK to your wives and give her the credit of being able to understand you.


Keep working, keep learning


Kooky: Thaat is exactly the way the subject was broached at my house too.Launched from a discussion about E.D. ( which I thought was necessary because she was blaming our failure to have sex on her belief that I no longer found her attractive.)

The resulting discussion about pumping and restoring circulation plus the added benefit of increased size, has been accepted after being thoroughly discussed. She has not expressed any interest in seeing this in action and gives me time to do my exercises without any comments.

Over all, I think she is relieved and very pleased.

I think not to tell my GF about PE at all. She will thinking very bad of me if she found out. I once asking what she thought about those pills like longitude for maybe I will try it. She sneered and said she was thinking that any man who would do that is pathetic and a loser. She knows that I was thinking I am very small but she does not think so. She says that I am average — but I don’t know. I will have to do this privately I guess so.


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