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Question on Swelling

Question on Swelling

I am sort of new to Pumping.
I have hanged BTC 10lbs. for a while now and after hanging
I would wrap with the Thera- wrist band or hang three golf rings.

I have noticed every day after my pumping sessions about ten minutes later I would notice the
Head Tip (Pee Hole) swell. It goes a way after a while. 1/2 hr. or so.
Is this normal?
I do not have a pressure Gauge on my Pump. but I am careful not to pump to pain.
Please Reply Thanks

The very top side of your glans where the urethra opens gets the most pressure effect when you pump. Everything is pulling in that direction. If I overdo my pressure, that happens to me. Dropping the pressure just a bit prevents it.



Thanks avocet8 for that fast reply.

I will cut down on my pressure. Its hard to not over due because of no gauge.

I try to read as much I can ,so thanks again


I have a few questions for you. I wasn’t able to get any feedback on a different thread, so I’ll try here.

I am now going on my fifth day with the 1.75” cylinder, I am beginning to notice that I am starting to get a slight “donut effect” after I finish a second set of ten minutes. I have only been pumping at a pressure either at or slightly below 5hg, never above that, and am beginning to think that it might have to do with the immediate packing that I am experiencing.

The reason I say this is because the area just below my gland, maybe a circular area of about 1/3” in length, is the only part of my shaft that doesn’t press against the side of the cylinder. I am circumcised, so my shaft does taper as it reaches my head, and I’m thinking that this could be the reason that I am experiencing this effect. Has anyone else had this donut effect start to occur shortly after they begin to pack?

I would think that this would be a common effect of completely packing the tube for someone circumcised as this would be the last place on the shaft that would pack, and the area that, once the shaft is completely packed, would be exposed to the most pressure as it tries to conform to that last bit of space within the cylinder. I’m thinking that moving up to the next size, such as a 2”, would stop this from happening again and would help distribute the pressure in the tube onto my entire shaft and prevent the packing from isolating this ring of the shaft. Any thoughts on this?

Does anyone have any advice as to what I should do for future pumping? I definitely don’t want this problem to get out of hand but don’t want to have to stop pumping before I even begin. Any suggestions?


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