Question on sleeve use after pumping routine

Hi, I’m a long time reader with a question. Would the all day use of a compression wrap or silicon sleeve worn for anti-turtling effects oppose the work of a morning pumping routine?

Let me very clearly state that I am not asking about the use of a wrap or sleeve worn during the pumping. I am only asking about the use of a wrap or sleeve worn after a pumping routine and throughout the day to maintain a stretched state.

I am trying a light to moderate pumping routine (3-5 mmHg) with progressively increasing times and want to continue to use a wrap or my autoXleeve to keep a stretched state throughout the day. It just feels better to walk around with it and I like the idea of tissue growth/development occurring in a non-turtled state. However, the physics of compression wrap or sleeve alone seem like it would be applying a force in the opposite direction of what pumping would be trying to accomplish. Pumping alone relies on negative pressure pulling outward to pull blood (and yes a little other fluid) into the penis engorging the tissues. Meanwhile a firm silicone sleeve applies force from the outside inward to lightly squeeze the penis to a point where there is no room for it to turtle up.

Would these effects negate each other preventing gains (even temporary gains)? Or would the internal stresses applied to the tissues during pumping have already done their job and not be affected by an all day sleeve?

Anyone have experience with this?

Thank you!