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Question : How to pack ones tube


Question : How to pack ones tube

Everything is in the topic

Could some experienced pumper provide me with a good way to quickly -and safely- pack ones tube.

A few info about me;
I am using a 1.75”x9 tube.
I ve been following the advocet routine for a few month now and I haven’t seen any convincing results either lengthwise or girth wise -my main concern-.
I also use an auto x-tender all day long.
I use nothing -neither an heating pad nor an eaten rice sock- to maintain a certain amount of heat, as some pumpers suggested, in the pumpers forum on the tube.

What is your pump routine right now? How much pressure do you use and how long do you pump for?

Also, what is your erect girth?

My erect girth is : 5,3 inches (13,5 cm) and I suffer of a case of la Peyronie disease.

I pump my unit following advocet advices and never go over 5 hg -I usually stay between 2 and 4 hg- and I never forget to jelq for a few minutes between each sets and even sometimes clamp.
As I am in the third month of advocet routine I’m pumping my penis in three sets of twenty minutes each.
It TOUCHES the walls -lengthwise my penis make contact in some point with the tube walls- but again I ’ ve seen no increase in size.

To conclude this post I am a seasoned dick abuser, I have been at jelqing for almost two years now and very consistently for the last months; with Little if no results may I add.

Thanks for your quick -first- answer Gprent.

Addendum :

If you think I have pumped enough to follow peforeal ‘s routine described in the following thread :

My Marathon Shock Pumping Routine (Dick and then Balls)

Let me know it.

Packing is not essential, but for your girth and tube size, I am surprised you are not there yet.

You have now been pumping long enough to try peforeal’s routine, but it is still as the title suggests, quite a shocker and you could start out trying something different, but not quite so long.

First off, just let me know how many days in a row you pump for. Do you pump everyday or 3 on 1 off, or what? Also, does your Peyronie’s prevent you from being erect in the tube?

First I would suggest you stay at your same pressure of 2-4”hg (I try to hold steady at 3.5 :) ), but go for two 30 minute sessions to see what happens.

I don’t know where you are in Europe, but I think you should start searching your local drug stores for an electric heat pad. The heat will aid your expansion efforts.

I must add, that with all of your extender and jelqing and pumping, your overall problem is likely that you are over stressing your penis and slowing your progress.

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How to pack ones tube ?

I thought this was a gay thread, or a thread about anal sex :D Nevermind me- please continue :D

Start: 6.9 BPEL x 4.9 (17,5 x 12,5 cm)

Now: 7.7 BPEL x 5.7 (19,5 x 14,5 cm)

I usually pump for four or five days then rest for two days and I always enter the tube fully erect.

I ll follow your advice and increase the time of my pumping sessions and cut back on the usage of the extender.

I ll post again on this thread in two weeks to tell you what happens.

Thanks again for your concern gprent.

Everything Gprent has said is true. However, packing is going to take time—I’d say 3-6 months if then. Take it slow and don’t get discouraged. How old are you? If you’re young—your whole life is ahead of you; if you’re older—be happy for the experience. Steve

You could try to get a off day after every workout day and use a heating pad. I am also 13,5cm EG at mid-shaft and 14cm at the base and I pack my 2” tube for the first 2” or so when I use the heating pad. A rest day after each workout could be the trick for you..

As gprent said, definitely get a heat pad. Also get a large cable clamp(or whichever version is a availible in Europe) to hold the heat pad around the tube.

Do you use any sort of heat to warm up before/after your pump sets?

If not, that might help also.

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Would an IR lamp be as good as a heating pad? Maybe one could keep the lamp focused on the penis through the tube while pumping.

Originally Posted by Kirin
Would an IR lamp be as good as a heating pad? Maybe one could keep the lamp focused on the penis through the tube while pumping.

Possibly. I don’t like IR lamps personally but there are other members on here who utilize IR lamps in their routines and have had success.

One plus for the heat pad is that heat pads are much cheaper than IR lamps.

I just wanted you to know that I was reading all your answers and that I am really grateful for your advices.
I just ordered an electric heating pad as well as an Ir lamp.
Until it is shipped to me, I ll water pump my unit using hot water.

Thanks, again.

I am still reading this post and I’ ll be writing again.


Sorry but where did you buy the heat pads

I got mine at a general drug store. I am located in the US though. If you can’t find one at any stores near where you live, you should have no problem getting one online. Be sure you get the correct sized heatpad though(usually smallest or next to smallest sized).

Thank you for answer, but I don’t know how it’s look like.

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