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Question for Tiger

Question for Tiger

re Ball pumping -

Tiger, I’ve been following Avocets Pumping 101 program with a “real” pump and cylinder, but lately began package pumping with the adult store toy pump I bought to experiment with pumping.

My questions to you are:

Although I’m constantly pumping to maintain pressure, can I realize any gains in ball size with this “toy” setup or do I need to get a 2 stage or STJ? Which would be best?

Assuming I have or obtain the right gear, what kind of permanent gains are possible?

Is a 50 or even 100% increase possible (I really only want to develop normal size balls - mine are way below average).

And over what time frame assuming 2 hour sessions 4-5 times/week?

I know you can’t guarantee any sort of results, but your best guesses based on your experience would be much appreciated.

Thanks - FE

Do you mean me or is there a member named tiger also.


If you have a good pump/cylinder unit for Avocet8’s Pumping 101 program, you can use this same pump/cylinder to pump your balls. Absolutely do not waste your time using your “toy” pump setup. You also do not need a two-stage or an STJ (suntea jar). Use what you’ve got! By the way, what size diameter cylinder are you using?

I used to have a real tight/small ballsac. But mostly through pumping and stretching (with an ok grip around the sac), I’ve been able to substantially loosen, lengthen and increase the size of my sac. Now, everything looks and hangs much more in proportion to my dick size.

Suggestion for pumping your ballsac:

1. Do ok grip around your sac and do some stretching downward to loosen things up. Be gentle to yourself.
2. Now put lube (hand cream with water works well) on your sac and place cylinder at base of your sac and start pumping. Once you have a firm seal, just leave the cylinder attached to your ballsac and go about the house doing your business (visiting Thunders, reading a book, etc.). Start off with a half-hour and increase 15 minutes each day. Once your sac has become acclimated, you can pump safely and comfortably for hours, without any downside. The more you pump after awhile, the faster will be the expansion on your sac. At first, don’t expect the extraordinary results that you see on pump websites. Eventually in time, large expansion will happen.

The good news with pumping your ballsac is that there aren’t the same donut problems that can happen on your dick.I’ve always been able to pump my balls to my heart’s content without any incidents. It’s easy to do, when you have time and privacy.

Don’t be initially surprised at the beginning when after pumping your ballsac, it retreats back to being somewhat tight again after a few hours. The next day, in particular, is when you will notice how much looser your sac feels and hangs. The results become cumulative over many months, and you can continue regularly or irregularly with this activity until you reach your goals.

One final suggestion:

1. If you want another easy to do activity to stretch/loosen your ballsac in addition to pumping, you can wrap your dick and balls with the HOMEDIC VELCRO STRAP that I’ve posted about in another Pumper’s Forum thread. Put in on any time of the day and go about your regular routine.

Good luck and use a good pump!


ttiger and peforeal

Peforeal - Thanks for the reply. I appreciate the time you took to give such a detailed explanation.

Ttiger, are you the fellow that also has the pumping site? Even if not, any advice you have to offer would be welcomed.

Thanks - Fe


To answer your question, I have 1 1/2 and 1 3/4 inch cylinders from LAP.

BTW - Did you receive any permanant ball size increase?

If so how long did it take?

Thanks for your insight.



I couldn’t begin to tell you exactly how much bigger my balls got, but they did. I think the main benefit is that my ballsac was loosened and stretched enough to allow my balls to hang much lower. So overall, my balls and ballsac look substantially bigger visually than they used to be from pumping, stretching and massaging. That’s all I really needed and wanted. If you’re consistent, I think you can see permanent visual results within a month. From then on, it’s a matter of how much more change you’d like to make. Now, my wife can easily pull and play with my ballsac while blowing me, where as before I was just too tight there to manipulate easily.

I still remember before I started all of this ball stretching that I could barely make an ok grip between my dick and my ballsac. Now I can easily grab between my dick and my ballsac using a grip with my whole hand. Good luck.


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