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question for pumpers (vets or not)

question for pumpers (vets or not)

Could a couple of you give me an idea of what kind of difference you see- say one month after starting pumping? I know the majority of these gains are temporary and may leave soon after a session. But I’m interested in that temp. gain for an hour or so after sessions(approx. one month into pumping).

All replies will be appreciated.

on one month of pumping

Im only a newbie at pumping with roughly a month under the belt , i practice avocets 101 program that is 4x5 mins in the pump at 4- 5hg and inbetween the pump i alternate dld bends, erect bends, jelq and uli and what i have noticed so far is a firmer erection,and i seem to have a bit more skin now when flacid, i also hang so that would also contribute towards the excess skin,ok to give you some indicationof what to expect is my pre-workout erect girth is about 5.6 after i have finished my exercise i measure just over 6 that is hard erection not bloated with fluid but alas they havent cemented as yet ,if u use a cock ring after the pump session you can keep that size for as long as you like,but the next day youre pre-pump measurement will be to your’e original dimension,but what i have noticed is that if i do a slight uli and take a cold measurement il go from 5.6 to 5.8 no problem , before pumping i couldnt get a near .25inch flex that easily and ill pump to 6 after my second session of 5mins so im hping that this measurement will be my soon to be cemented gain,maybe someone with more experience can confirm this.i hope this helps to answer your’e question

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