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Question for experienced pumpers

Question for experienced pumpers

I just started pumping 10 minutes in a water pump. My penis comes out huge after pumping, in girth, but it feels kinda wierd and the jelq feels wierd, whats with this different feel after pumping? AS it also wears down to it’s original size after a few hours. Also, while in the pump I measure .5” longer in BPEL and I wander, will this show future gains down the line?

The size you get in the tube does go down after awhile. This is normal. You may be drawing some lymph fluid in as you pump. This would make the jelk feel different.

It was my experience that every increase I got in the tube translated later, somewhere down the road, to a permanent gain.



What pressure are you using? The different feeling sounds to me like your getting fluid build up, this will happen if your pressure is too high.

Their is no gauge on the bathmate, but I generally pump till no water comes out at the tip. I do believe now after reading that I was pumping to high and this was edema build up.


With water pumping you should not have any kind of fluid build up… especially after only 10 minutes. I have increased my girth by almost 0.75” with a combination of manual exercises and water pumping and I have never had a fluid build up. Not even once. I don’t consider myself to be an expert on any form of PE, there are other dudes on this forum who know much more about PE, but in my humble opinion you must be using way too high pressure.

I agree, I believe I have been using too much pressure and this has damaged my EQ. I think I need some time away from the pump and then start again at a lower pressure. I am also paranoid about losing erect length, but I think it is because my EQ has been affected by the high pressure.

Where can I purchase a water pump? And how to use it right?


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