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Question for Canadian Pumpers

Question for Canadian Pumpers

Where did all of you get your hand pumps that you use for pumping? I’ve called atleast 10 different stores asking if they have a brake bleeding kit (that’s what I want right?) and nobody has one. The only one I have found is at Canadian Tire, but it’s $80. Do all of you use the MityVac ordered from the States? Ok, thanks everyone.

Mick, greetings:

I ordered from Vacu Tech. Their international service is very good, though with the exchange rate, import duties, shipping, etc., the dollars mount up…. Still, the product is excellent, in my opinion.


They have pumps there at good prices


Hey Mick, I ordered my from the states…..

My mate in Canada, ordered his from Lordco, in BC. Also there is place in Vancouver called Ultra Love, on Davie St. You can get a pump and cylinder there.

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