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Question for Avocet8

Question for Avocet8

Hey Avocet8,

Just read your “bio” in the “Collected Wisdom of Vets..” thread and
I am interested in the part that you said you only pumped at first and
gained an inch in the first 4-5 months? Is that true? What kind of
program did you use then?

Just interested.



I to have a question, (sorry kooky for jumping in here),

The donut effect, I know you shouldn`t pump with to much pressure, but how can it be avoided, and how long should you stay in the cylinder?

I pump to the extreme of not painful, but a little over comfortable, is this right?

Gettin Bigger


Yes that is true. The first inch from pumping only. I didn’t even know what jelking was at that point. I used program I outlined above in Pumping 101. I have to say that I was pretty dedicated to my schedule. Missed very few days of pumping except for 1 day/week off in the beginning, then later after incorporating other manual exercises, took 2 days off a week.

Doughnuts come from overstressing the area just below the glans. If you are getting a doughnut and don’t want one (some guys like them), reduce your vacuum pressure or ease up on a manual exercise that may be causing it. Problem with them is, the more often you allow one to happen the weaker the tissue becomes in that area thus raising your susceptibility to getting one the next time you work out.



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