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question for avocet or any other exper pumper

question for avocet or any other exper pumper

I’ve been considering pumping lately, but I am very curious about one thing, involving these temporary gains you guys talk about. On the average how much of a gain are we talking length and girth? In the beginning and say two or three months down the line? thanks

You’re asking about the temporary gains which last for a short time at first, then a couple of hours after a few months and eventually longer.

Remember you can keep your temporary pump with a cock ring, that way even a few hours later you still remain big.

From my experience, depending on how long you stay in the tube, you can pump up your girth in 0.5 inch to 1 inch. And length more or less the same.

This is an amazing feeling, actually getting to be huge for a little while, and you can imagine how great it is when you pump before sex, use a cock ring and get a great response from your partner about how big you are. :)

avocet is away for a couple of weeks, but maybe peforeal can add his input here.

Braker thanks for your reply, can you also tell me which brand and type you suggest, approx the cost and where to purchase?


I agree with all that Braker said. Below is a site which has some good informative comments about pumping in response to your questions.
Note: I am not promoting Dr. Joel Kaplan’s pumps, etc

By the way, I bought my cylinders from JT’s Stockroom, see website below:

I’ve also bought a cylinder from LA Pump. The prices are competitive.

Note: I don’t use a pump/gauge anymore. I just use my 2 inch and 2.5 inch diameter cylinders with the hoses and connectors, and I create the vacuum by just using my mouth to suck out the air through the hose. I get a faster pump, and I know my dick well enough to judge the pressure that I’m feeling.

For me personally, the effectiveness and longterms gains from pumping have been gradual. At the beginning my pumped size would last for only 20 minutes or so and then shrink back. Sometimes as a novice if I pumped too zealously, my flaccid size the day after pumping would be smaller. But the next day after that, everything would be back to normal and slightly bigger. The major lessons that I ‘ve had to learn about pumping is 1) patience and 2) don’t overpump . I believe that a good 50% of my good girth size and length increases today are directly attributable to pumping, and I’m still getting thicker.

I hope this helps. If you have other questions after this, just ask.



I got my pump at LA Pumps, I got the Deluxe Package. I’m very satisfied with it, though when I got it I wasn’t aware of water pumping. Now I know water pumping has some advantages, and I’m thinking of trying it sometime soon. Check this thread for more about hydro pumps.

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