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Question Before I Buy

Question Before I Buy

I’m thinking of buying my first air pump but had a question.

The only pumping I’ve done was with the two BathMate models. I really needed a size in between the two as I packed the Hercules, but the Goliath was too big.

I used the Hercules for a few weeks, but both models gave me the same problem- pain in the internal structures that are connected to the testicles. I would pull the testicles down when getting into it, but this didn’t avoid the pain. Part of this may have been that you have to push the BM into yourself instead of using a hand pump, but I don’t know if I would encounter the same thing with an air pump.

Would this be a problem for me with an air pump, and if so, is there any way to prevent it? I have a large gap between my BPFSL and my BPEL probably due to the fact that I have not done a lot of girth work. I’ve been jelqing recently, but would like to replace it with pumping to avoid variable factors like erection level, amount of pressure from hands, etc.

Mid 2006 ≈5 NBPEL -----> Mar 2011 >7" NBPEL

If I have understood your problem correctly, then using a cylinder with a flared base might help.

I got a pump and did my first 10 min session. Since there is no gauge on BathMates, I didn’t know how much pressure I was using, but with the air pump I was at 5hg, and it felt like a lot less pressure than the BathMate. I must have been really overdoing it with the BM.

I got a 10x2 cylinder, but I don’t know if it’s the right size. My MSEG is around 5.2” and my base girth measurement is over 6”, but that’s only because I have turkey neck and I’m measuring a lot of skin. That skin is in the tube, however, and I’m really packing the first few inches. I’m only looking to gain about a half inch of girth, and I’m mainly looking for length. So, does it sound like the tube is okay, or should I get a larger diameter?

Mid 2006 ≈5 NBPEL -----> Mar 2011 >7" NBPEL

Baba_Booey, it would usually be advisable to consult the cylinder supplier for sizing questions related to their particular product BEFORE buying it. Most websites selling cylinders do have a sizing chart or similar thing you can consult for that very purpose. However, according to the often quoted conventional wisdom of experienced pumpers on choosing cylinder size, you should pick one that is 1/4 inch wider and 2 or so inch longer than your erect penis.

Based on your quoted MSEG of 5.2 inch, I calculated your approximate effective diameter as 1.66 inch. Adding on the oft quoted 1/4 inch, you would therefore need a cylinder 1.91 inch diameter. The cylinder you have got does indeed seem to be approximately correct for you according to conventional wisdom.

Using similar calculations to that I used above, your cylinder has a circumference of 6.28 inch. That’s a bit more than 1 inch bigger than your MSEG!

Originally Posted by Baba_Booey
I’m only looking to gain about a half inch of girth, and I’m mainly looking for length.

I think you’re looking for big disappointment if you expect this from pumping! If you seriously want to add length, then you want to look at a PE technique other than pumping! Look at stretching, jelqing, and hanging instead for length. Pumping is more well known for swelling out the girth than any increase in length. With pumping, I have seen it said that if you limit the diameter of your cylinder, the pressure will be more focused on the head of the penis and thereby giving the penis more of a stretch. In other words you’d need to use a narrower cylinder. However, it is a big mistake to focus the pressure on the head as it will more likely result in blisters and other injury. Besides, any gains you get from pumping are said to be “in the cylinder” only. Once you stop pumping, they will start to go. Any gains are non-permanent.

No, "mch" does not stand for "my cock's huger!"

... although it may do in the foreseeable future! :D

I don’t expect to gain a lot from pumping. I’ve gained over 2 inches since I started five years ago and I just wanted to try an air pump, but I still do other forms of PE.

At mid shaft, I do have a lot of extra room in the cylinder, but at the base I’m fully packing it. I did measure before I ordered, but I have a big difference between BEG and MSEG. If I had gotten a smaller diameter, I wouldn’t be able to get into it.

I realize that most people assume gains are temporary because of edema that is only temporary, but I would think most people on this site look at it as training the penis to hold more blood, much like jelqing does.

Mid 2006 ≈5 NBPEL -----> Mar 2011 >7" NBPEL

I should have measured the diameters of my BathMates before I ordered an air pump.. The Hercules is 2 1/8” and the Goliath is 2 7/8”

I’m packing the first few inches in the 2” diameter cylinder, and I think a 2.5” would be a better fit. It’s so tight at the base that my length is shorter in the tube than my BPEL normally is.

Mid 2006 ≈5 NBPEL -----> Mar 2011 >7" NBPEL

You should use our sizing chart for selecting your cylinder and not the manufacturers. They will sell you an even smaller cylinder.

Selecting Your Cylinder Size

You have the correct size cylinder. Sounds as though you could use a little more lube at the base.

A 2.5” cylinder would be massively oversized for you. Each 1/4” in size increase makes a big difference. You might want to consider full package pumping similar to the Bathmate, using a 3” or larger cylinder.

If you are looking for an inexpensive place to buy, penisdepot has a large section and the price includes shipping.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

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If you are only packing the first few inches of the cylinder, you are using the correct size. Once I started packing the first few inches of my second cylinder, it took another 9 months before I could pack the entire cylinder. Accordingly, you should be able to use your 2” cylinder for another 6 months.

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