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Question about pressure in tube and others

Question about pressure in tube and others

Just started pumping today, ,and I love it so far.. I am working on a mean donut.
My question/s is this:

So far this is whats going on. When I first started this session, my cock would be completly full of blood, and hard , and stiff as can be.

1. When in the tube, do you put as much pressure in as you can, without it hurting? Meaing are you constantly pumping with a boner?
Do you just add vacuum to where the penis is half way between hard and soft??

2. How long after, you started, did your pumps really switch into hi gear?(months? Days?), and get that huge plump spongie look/feel?

3. After I pull my penis out of the tube, can I go right ahead and pump my balls? Or will this pull the fluids out of the penis into the sack?

4. Does pumping in hot water make that much of a difference?

Thanks guys.

Not to be mean but you just registered have you even done any reading here at all? All your questions can be answered threw search and have you even been doing PE long enough to consider pumping? A serious doughnut can be a sign of an injury man you need to read much more.

It sounds to me that you are a candidate for a potentially serious injury. I’d strongly suggest, as bigbassman 77 said, that you do a lot more research and read the newbie information and decide now that you’re going to take care of your penis. After all, it’s strictly one-per-customer!

You’ll probably find that, here at Thunder’s Place, most of the pumpers pump for long-term enlargement, and/or ED issues. Some pump for the pleasure aspect, but most try diligently to avoid donuts and lymph buildup.

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Read and adopt Avocet’s Pumping 101. Let this be your Bible. DO NOT STRAY!!!

1. It doesn’t matter whether you’re erect or flaccid, just don’t exceed 5” Hg. If you’re a newbie, don’t exceed even 3” Hg.

2. I don’t know, but if we’re thinking about the same look, that takes probably months of conditioning and sessions that take hours to achieve.

3. Pumping balls has no point.

4. I personally dislike water pumping, but some swear that it’s much better than air pumping. I personally air pump with hot rice sock wrapped around the tube and the difference is HUGE.

But since you’re a newbie, just stick to the newbie routine and think about pumping after some 4-6 months.

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