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Question about my tube.


Question about my tube.

Hello. It has been some time since in posted. I have tried many forms of P.E., and now I have came back to pumping. I have been pumping on and off for roughly three or four years but never had a consistent pumping routine. As of the last two years I have been using “John Only Pump”. This is a suction pump where pressure is added with your mouth.

Three weeks ago I purchased a hand brake bleeder with a gauge in an attempt to take my sessions to the next level. Lest just say I was using way too much pressure with my mouth. Maybe 15-20 hg… I know it’s crazy… but I didn’t know any better. Thankfully my sets were usually only 10 minutes so I had minimal negative reactions to the pressure.

My question is , now that I am using the correct (for me) 4-5 hg, is this tube good dimensions for me to make substantial gains?
I do 3*20min sets trying to stay erect the majority of the time.

I have measured the tube and it is only 8in long. I am not sure how to figure the inside circumference. I feel for some reason that it is too big since I don’t touch the entire way up

I am hoping the “Vets” can help me with this issue. I would like to get a LA tube, but I was thinking to switch after I had fully packed this tube.

When I was using suction I could touch the tip of the tube but only my base would touch both side. One side would touch about half way up as well. I think this is due to a curve.

Now I do not touch the tip, although it seems every session I get closer. The same goes for the sides, one touches half way up the other stops touching about a quarter of the way up.

Would I be right to try to pack this tube or do I need a tube with more defined dimensions?

I’m not big on measuring, but my current size is roughly 7.6 NBP (upward curve makes it hard to measure, so i never straighten it) x 6.1 EBG (5.7 EMSG)

During pumping my girth has reach: 6.5 EBG 6.26 EMSG

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Start: 2002 NBPL= ~6in, Eg=?, Current: NBPL= 7.6 EGmid= 5.7

Goal: NBPL= 8.5 EGmid= 6.5

If you are not touching the end of the tube at your new, more reasonable vacuum level, your cylinder is OK on length.

If you are not packing the tube from side to side, your cylinder is OK on girth.

You’re on the right track. Plan on getting a better cylinder (LA Pump is good; so are Vacutech, Pumptoys and Boston Pump, to name a few others) in the future. You’ll need a male adapter to go with your brake bleeder pump for those; they don’t have a barbed nipple like your current cylinder.

I’m familiar with John’s Only Pump. The diameter is just over two inches; close to 2 1/8 inches. Most standard cylinders are nine inches in length; it’s the diameter that varies. You can buy custom cylinders which are longer if you need that, but those cost more.

So, if you are reaching the end of your current cylinder but are not packing it for girth, you may want a 2” x 9” cylinder.

If you are packing your current cylinder for girth, you may want a 2 1/4” x 9” cylinder as your next cylinder.

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Thanks a lot Lampwick. You answered all of my questions. I have been trying to figure out the diameter for some time but could find no info about it online.

No, I am not reaching the end of the cylinder at 4-5 hg. It took way to high of level to reach there previously.

I think I will stay with this cylinder until I touch the entire way up, if that is possible. I was just concerned that maybe the diameter to too large. You have cleared this issue up for me.

Also how do you feel about rest days? I have just started pumping regularly and I am currently doing 4*20min sets a day. I clamped edge and jelq for 10 min in between each the set and after the last. So 4 pumping sets 4 clamped sets. I get no donut and feel I could keep this up but I want to get the most benefit possible from my work.

I see many people here recommend taking off days from clamping and I am stuck in between.

I thought of switching to this routine:

Day 1:
20min pump, 10min clamp x 4

Day 2:
20min pump, 10min clamp x 4

Day 3:
20min pump 10min clamp x 2

Day 4: REST

Please feel free to chime in everyone. I am open to suggestions. With so much info out there we all know the key is a tailor made routine for each of us.

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Start: 2002 NBPL= ~6in, Eg=?, Current: NBPL= 7.6 EGmid= 5.7

Goal: NBPL= 8.5 EGmid= 6.5

For your current girth, your current cylinder is just fine.

I think I have to go back to PIs and EQ on this one. You need to dial in your routine by feel to a certain extent. Do enough that your dick feels good, you have a good flaccid hang and your erections are good. If you’re doing enough that any of those suffer, take a rest and dial it back a little.

Am I reading that right, though? On days 1 and 2, you are proposing doing a total of two hours of pumping and clamping each day? That’s a lot. I’m not saying that it’s wrong for you, but it is a lot.

If in any session you’re feeling like it’s time to quit, do so. Don’t keep on with a session if it’s feeling like it’s too much. Listen to your body.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

I don’t want to hijack this thread, but I am just about the same size (especially girth) as the OP. I recently purchased a reasonably inexpensive cylinder and pump. Even though it was significantly less expensive than those sold by Vacutech or LA Pump Distributors, the pump and gauge appear to be of high quality with an all-brass pump cylinder and a very responsive gauge. The acrylic cylinder also has a good flare and no raised seams, and the quick release connectors work fine.

This unit came with a 2” ID by 9” long internal length cylinder. I was concerned that it might not be long enough for me based on my BPFSL, but I have a good inch of “headroom” even under vacuum, and I really can’t foresee ever wanting to gain more than an inch in additional length so that is fine. My thought is I could start with that cylinder, and buy a larger, better one if I needed to and if I liked pumping.

I am pretty much packing about 3.5-4” of the tube around its whole circumference after pumping for 10 min or so at 5” mercury vacuum. I am interested mostly in gaining length. I am about the same size girthwise as the OP coming out of the cylinder, and I really don’t think I would ever want to become thicker than that (it actually looks a little scary to me). My question is am I doing any harm by packing this much of the cylinder? Is it more likely to result in skin irritation or discoloration? I have noticed a bit of temporarly bruising of the skin that has packed the cylinder coming out of it, but it doesn’t persist (yet).

Thanks again Lampwick. Yes you read the right, but I usually slip those up into two sets one set of two in the morning and another at night. I think this helps me avoid over working. I just started this routine I said but I hope I can continue with because I love the hang I get and I have no donut effect.

Thanks, I will stick with this tube for now. Once it touch all side at least half the way up I will know I gained. You have been very helpful. I can’t wait to need another tube, that would be something.

Redbear52, it’s fine I done mind we’re all here to get help with those tough questions. I hope someone can help you.

I'm on my way to 8th and Long. Yeah, she's cummin too!

Start: 2002 NBPL= ~6in, Eg=?, Current: NBPL= 7.6 EGmid= 5.7

Goal: NBPL= 8.5 EGmid= 6.5

That’s a good approach, and one that I employ myself - the split session. It works well as your routine gets longer and more time consuming.

Redbear, what kind of vacuum are you using? One immediate thought that comes to mind is to make sure you are using an adequate amount of lube. You will get irritation or injury if you are not adequately lubricated in the tube.

I don’t think you are doing any harm by packing the amount of the cylinder you are now. What you have to watch out for the most is when you nearly completely pack the cylinder, and the vacuum is focuses on a small amount of skin at the head of your penis. Water blisters can result from this concentrated application of force.

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you that you will gain length via pumping. Some do, but I think pumping is better for girth than for length.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Thanks for the advice, Lampwick.

I am still sort of experimenting with pumping. I have done maximally 20 min long sessions, or perhaps 2x15 min sessions per day with a vacuum pressure of around 5” Hg, but I have tried stretching by pulling out on the cylinder briefly and it is not hard to see the vacuum rise to 10” Hg transiently if I give a moderately hard pull. I realize that is kind of high for a beginner.

I have been using a petroleum-based lube (Albolene usually) and I will try using more, especially on the area of penis that packs the tube and the lower portion of the cylinder. My glans is a bit smaller in girth than the shaft. It is not unusual for a portion of the coronal ridge to contact the tube, but the glans does not pack the tube.

I find that by the end of 15-20 minutes I have pumped up to the point where my length in the tube when pushing the cylinder in firmly is exactly equivalent to my maximal BPEL (8”) and I have packed the tube nearly to mid-shaft. Since it is a 2” wide ID cylinder that is a circumference of 6.28”. I haven’t measured right at mid-shaft, but it is very likely over 6” after pumping, and I am usually closer to 5.75” MSEG.

I do tend to have some dusky skin coloration on the part of the shaft that packs the tube, but this goes away after a few minutes of massage or Firegoat rolls. I have had just a hint of temporary “doughnut” swelling of the skin between my circumcision scar and the glans, but this goes away within an hour or so. I have experienced a little bit of stinging sensation in the glans (without any discoloration, swelling, or other sign of injury) and this has tended to last for up to 12 hours or so.

Something to consider, redbear - try coming out of the tube every five minutes and do a little quick massage or a few jelqs.

You might also be interested in this article on the Pumptoys site about effective time:

Basically, they ran a trial where they measured volumetric gains from a hour’s worth of pumping using various approaches. The most productive was the one where, every five minutes, they reduced the vacuum to 1 inHG for 30 seconds, then returned to the base session vacuum of 5 inHg. The increase in effectiveness over just pumping to a given vacuum level and holding it there was significant.

I wouldn’t worry about stretching in the tube with a transient 10 inHg vacuum in someone who has been pumping for a while, as long as you aren’t seeing negative effects from it, like red spots or bruising.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

That pumptoys article is very interesting. I have used that routine and I gained some from it.

redbear52 - have you tried —>lower<— pressures than 5HG?

For me when I was actively pumping, it seemed like I got a more productive workout with 3HG. Less stress, faster recovery, gains.

I am still experimenting and will try lower pressures. I have found that if I do pull on the cylinder and stretch and transiently increase the vacuum from say 5” to 10” Hg, that when I release the pull, the vacuum does not return to 5” but typically a little lower value like 3 or 4”. There is no audible vacuum leak when I do this. In fact, when I come out of the cylinder, I have to work at creating a vacuum leak around where I have packed the tube.

Maybe I will continue to do a few stretches every 5 minutes and just stay at the lower vacuum level for a brief time. Thanks for the link.

Same here; I routinely use about 3 inHg.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

redbear52 your talk about pulling on the cylinder and stretching reminded me of a routine gprent posted a while back that I really got a lot out of when I was pumping.


For part of your set, make your pump routine a work-out

Do 50 tube milks followed by 50 kegels. Rinse and repeat.

You don’t have to do it for the whole set, I think I would do maybe 150 reps of each, with rest in between.

I would do the tube-milks/stretching at about “jerking-off speed” then follow with the kegels. Great expansion. I also dropped pressure down every 5 minutes.

Any way I think this is what gave me most of my girth gains.

Ditto 3” Hg

Interval pumping

Since my last post I have started doing the interval pumping described in “pumptoys” the link which Lampwick posted in post #9. It’s great and I don’t see myself ever going back to straight static pumping. I try to stay erect for my entire 20 minute set so when the vacuum level is lowered the sensation is nice. “Feels like I can feel it growing even without the vacuum”. On top of that I kegel hard for the 30 seconds I’m holding at 1Hg, again I can feel the blood flowing. Doesn’t feel as good if not fully erect. I’m come back to 5Hg even bigger than the last interval.

I’ve been at this it about a week or so and have seen more grow, albeit temporary, than in the same amount of time static pumping. I was off today, but lasting at the end of my session I measured a MS-EG of 6.5in and a BEG of nearly 6.75in. This was after 4 days of 4x20min sets at 5HG. I have never measured as big. So, I can’t say for sure that I will help permanent gains but I spiked my temporary gains in no time.

I could be late to catch on with this, but I don’t remember seeing it mentioned in many posts. I definitely think it’s something all serious pumpers should try. As I see it, the release is sort of a rest and it seems easier to kegel to restore some blood. Then when the vacuum pressure is restored there seems to be slight instant growth. I hope it works for you guys too should you try it. Good luck!

Thanks Lampwick for the link.

I'm on my way to 8th and Long. Yeah, she's cummin too!

Start: 2002 NBPL= ~6in, Eg=?, Current: NBPL= 7.6 EGmid= 5.7

Goal: NBPL= 8.5 EGmid= 6.5

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