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Pumps in UK

Pumps in UK


I wonder whether any UK based members could let me know whether they sourced pumps in the UK or from across the pond. The choices in the UK seem to be limited!


Hi I’m in the UK and I’ve just received an electric pump from CTC and I’ve had no problems in took a while to get here but I’m satifisfied that its a good piece of equipment.

You’ll just have to pay parcel force vat on delivery but otherwise everything went fine , there where no give away labels , ye sit said CTC company but ctc and the last company always decribe the contents on the customs forms as ” aquarium equipment “

No labels saying VACUUM PUMP INSIDE !

I just go for the best equipment so If I have order from abroad I do .
DASH’s products are fine there good pumps.
pump toys a US company makes excellent cylinders and I’m going to order there long johny cylinders soon.

It doesn’t even say “CAN’S PENIS ENLARGER KIT”? :-)

Thanks for the info; useful to others in the UK.

Now tell us what a “long johny cylinder” is.



It’s the ctc 3000 its excellent, quieter than anything you’ll get makes a little bit of noise , so I’m waiting for some sound proofing smoke/heat insulting material to be put into the door frame , as I we are having building work where I live for fire safety upgrading and I share with friends so privacy is important , I dont want to have to explain the constant low hum and piston type noise to them, but it is really is not too bad at all.

So I wish they would get a move on because I want to get going !

This must be a problem a lot of guys have……… PRIVACY
” whats that pumping sound coming from your room ?” oh that its my errmm ?
I should start a thread on it .

I hate making excuses, I wish I could say… oh that noise…… it’s just my electric vacuum pump for penis enlargement …………….:) , that would shock them and I’d rather keep quiet anyway, but I’m sure theres lots of guys who have the same problem .


I ‘ve had a few test runs though, and it really is good , my door should be fin shed this week . I HOPE

Also I plan to record the sound with my digital cams soundrecording facility, so you can hear the ctc sounds and the sound of the Kaplan Mega vac pump as well, which I was unable to use because of noise.

I’ll be selling here to anyone interested with it’s flaws and more positive points outlined .

So when I get I an empty house I post a audio file all if all goes well.

The sound clips would be cool to hear once you get them done.

Is the 3000 the same as the 2000 model, other than being enclosed inside of a toolbox? I noticed they don’t have any pictures of the inside of the box on the 3000 model.

I agree privacy is a big issue for most. That would be funny seeing reactions from people after you tell them what it’s used for. :)


If your’e worried about noise why don’t you buy a cheap “sports massager” and leave it out somewhere. Some even come with a heating element that can be used as a great warm up aid. If anyone notices the noise tell them you have an old sporting injury and have to use it regularly.

well thats a good idea . I was trying to think of all of sorts excuses , don’t know if it will sound the same as the electric pump though , so improved sound proofing is what I’, waiting for .

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