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Im new to this forum but certainly not new to PEing. I have been on and off and have gained about .5 an inch since I started. I havent been getting any resuls resently (past 2 monthes) so im going to step it up to 2 a days for 5 days a week. Now as school is starting up again, im gonna have to start going to class and wont have as much time with homework and things I have to do out of school like clubs, sports and working out. I live close to campus so I can come home to do all my work. I was thinking maybe using a pump while im doing my homework, then when im done with that, take a couple hours break and then do my regular routine before going to bed or something.

My question is….how good is pumping? Im kinda scared so im DEFINETLY gonna start off real slow. Is it as good a workout as jelqing and powerjelqing (I do both during my regular routine)? Also, is this a good pump? Kinda pricey but it seems like its a quality pump and it ahs a pressure gauge to monitor which is a MUST for me…

Is that overpriced? Do you guys recommend something better? I dont want a 300 dollar one cuz im not really gonnd go crazy with it….just something that can get the job done effectively and safely.

Thanks A Lot

Wanna 7.5, I am also relatively new to pumping. I have been pumping correctly for about one week (I have had the pump for about three but had some issues with loss of air pressure) and let me just say it is a lot of fun. If you read some of the posts by guys like Avocet8, Thunder and Modemmer you really cannot go wrong. Secondly, if you are going to pump, buy a good pump and look after it, the pump I bought cost the same as the one you have nominated. And yes start off slow and don’t hurt your dick, often it is too late when you already hurt yourself. I recently hurt my back doing weights NEVER AGAIN!! So go slow and take your time increasing slowly as you go and listen to your dick, it will tell you when it has had enough.

Hope this helps

Regards Rolo

wanna 7.5

With your cautious attitude you should be just fine.

I don’t know that particular pump but maybe others here do.



This is a post on the Joel Kaplan pump’s, Hope it help’s :) .

Joel Kaplan Pumps



Here is a fact: Go to any good auto parts store and buy a vacuum pump. Same as Kaplans, and it has a pressure gage and all the same advantages. Costs is $30 bucks. Napa, has one and so do the other auto parts places. But, you can’t just buy a tube anywhere. You have to get a good tube, not one of those cheap flimsy things at some of the sites. Newart has good tubes, Kaplan has good tubes but they cost. Some have tried to make one, don’t know if I would trust one. But you can defintiely save some money on a vacuum pump! Iowa

Hey Iowa,

It is the exact same pump, same brand, same model number. In fact you even get a few accessories from the auto parts store that you don’t get with the tube set up. If a guy looks around, he can also find a tube for around 60.00, then all you have to get is the tubing and a male quick disconnect. I think the disconnects are around 5.00, at least they were the last time I looked.

By the time you add the shipping for the parts to the total, the amount you save may not be worth the trouble though.

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Thanks for all your help guys….ill shop around a little bit more before buying.

What do you guys think about cock rings? Do they really help with permanent results from pumping or should I just save the money? If they are good what do you guys suggest?

Thanks Again

I do not recommend pumping with ring.
One of the goods with pumping is that it helps with girth at the base. Use a ring and you strangle the snake instead of stretching it.

Manual jelqing and squeezing can never reach all the way down on the base, I believe pumping can help with this.

Of course you can do it for fun sometimes, if you are about to get on top of the lady right after, then she´ll have the fatest dick ever :-)


Hmmm….have you guys really seen permanent gains with pumping? Everywhere I go I hear that it wont give permanent gains. Even on the sites that give out free PE tips….like ‘Tom Hubbard’s Penis Workshop’ gives out free info and he says :

Vacuum penis pumping: do this for fun, but don’t get your hopes up for permanent results anytime in this century (or the next), despite the donkey dicks in the ads.

Pumping can feel great, and makes your dick real big for an hour or two afterward before all the gains go away.

But it gives little if any permanent result, plus you have the risk of blisters, discoloration, bruising; risk of burst capillaries; risk of temporary impotence.

There would be no reason for him to say this since he’s not getting paid by people to use his ideas and techniques…man im kinda back and forth on this whole pumping thing. Probably since it costs so much!


I know others like it and so let them use it all they want. But vacuum pumping did nothing for me other than pump up my expectations, only to be dissapointed later when my swollen cock returned back to normal. I used it a great deal about 20 years ago, but gave it up along with the hope that actual penis enlargement was anything but a big build up - than a let down.

Now with seeing this site, I’ve started PEing again (jelqing and squeezing). I’ve been at it 6 weeks. My dick gets pumped up like before from the exercises, but now there appears to be honest gains. I’m still skeptical: what happens if I quit, I don’t want to get my hopes up like before. But I really like the changes I’m seeing in my pants at this point. This might be the real thing.

wanna 7.5:
Here’s how it works on most PE sites: Hosts are into their own philosphies and pan anything extraneous to their own thinking. Nothing wrong with that unless they are less than honest in pushing their own theories or products.

For months I read pumping posts at a large number of sites before I decided to buy one myself. There is a great deal of erroneous info out there. You have to separate out what is valid from what is BS, pure speculation, and/or outright dangerous.

I happen to like Tom H. He’s a great experimentor and has a very wonderful sense of humor. Great ideas have come out of his thinking, but he does not know squat about sensible pumping.

Disappointingly, your cock does return to normal after some hours. I hope you weren’t told that the next day you’d have a unit like the pumped-up one you made in the tube the previous day.

However, pumping by itself can create gains in some men over time - I got a full inch in length and some girth by doing pumping and nothing else, and have heard similar results from other pumpers. What is “normal” for you in September may not be what is normal for you in March. Question is: if we stop pumping, will we still have that inch or whatever? I am not at all sure we would.

I do believe though that pumping combined with sensible PE exercises can make those gains permanent. The pumping provides expansion that exercises do not and the exercises “cement” the gradual gains. Through pumping and exercises I now have nearly 2.5 inches in length and more than a half inch in girth more than I did when I started. That makes a major difference in my pants and in my bed.

Further, pumping has decreased the degree of my previous ED enormously and if I had achieved no other gain than that, I would be very grateful.

This (PE) takes so much time and commitment. Small wonder so many drop out before they see any results.



Points well taken.

I have to admit, 20 years ago I had absolutly no imformation and no clue as to what I was doing. While I pumped a lot, I didn’t do it with the dedicated schedule and persistance that I’m currently using with the jelqing program. If I had, the results may have been different.

And I wouldn’t have done it if I hadn’t enjoy the immediate results.

Wanna 7.5,

I got 1/2” or so length (permanent) from pumping on and off for a year or a couple. Also got some minor girth gains.

Now I use it to cement the gains from manual PE.

All and all I have gained about 1.5” L x 1” G, permanent that is.
Dick is almost 1/3” wider also.



Great going.

If you haven’t already, post your starting stats and current ones in Size’s PE Data site (link at the bottom of most of these pages). You’ll encourge a lot of guys by your gains to get their own and it’s a good place to track your own future changes.



oy! Im back to wanting to buy it again! LoL…

I guess this is good though….rather be cautious than to jump right in and be dissappointed right?

Alright…thanks SO MUCH guys….especially Advocat8, rolo and Pan…

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