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Just wanted to add a little bit


In all honesty, I can’t say for sure that pumping *by itself* is effective. Oh, sure, I can pump up quite nicely. Defnetly a handful, but within a couple of hours, I’m back to normal.
If I do it everyday though, I seem to keep the size better.


After almost a year (almost 10 months) I do pump up faster. The size I got after 30 minutes before, is now the size I get after 15 minutes. If I continue on with a 30 minute sesson, I get even bigger.

I think this is where the growth gains come into play. as my unit becomes adjusted to growing a certain amount, I have to increase the time in the tube to get it to grow more. The cool thing is, I’m still only spendng about a half hour 2x a day on it.

Eventually, I think my unit will get to the point where it stays bigger, longer. I think getting a commercial tube wll help me with this. Right now I’m using a jar found in the basement. It works, but it’s not “right”.

I really thnk though, that pumping by itself, isn’t as good as it can be. I think you really have to adopt a multi-exercise approach to PE, to really see the benefits.
Jelk’s, Uli’s, and Horse 440’s, are all fin by themselves, but when don’t do those things, I don’t feel I’ve had a good workout, so to speak. When I do them, oh man. Feel the burn baybe! I look like a freaking mule when I really work on it. Well, a well-hung field mouse maybe, but I FEEL like a mule! ;)

Good luck!

(My “I” key seems to be broken. Hmmm vaseline must be bad for keyboards. Dammit.)

BlankTim, your observations are very good, we need more of that because that is all we got in terms of being definitive about pumping, it seems hit and miss. Unlike hanging, which seems to yield good results, pumpimg seems inconsistent (judging by some of the posts here by fellow pumpers).

I think the way to go with pumping is to try to reduce that bloated affect. Obviously right after a session your cock will be larger and heavier, however I think at least 24 hrs after you should see that virtually gone, but I think your dick should maintain good firmness which indicates that the lymph fliud has disappeared.

I would like to give pumping a good concerted go for at least 6 months before I switch course.

Regards Rolo


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