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Do some online searches for MityVac hand pumps and gravel cleaning cylinders. The MityVac hand pumps come with the gage attached to the hand pump. The gravel cleaning cylinders come with various size diameters of tubing depending on the brand. You will have to figure out which brand you want to buy and then figure out how to make it adapt to the hand pump. I did it with very little effort using the different adaptors in the MityVac kit.

Your best bet will be for you to actually go to the stores and see the items that you are thinking of buying so you can figure out how to make it all fit together.

Good luck & good gains!

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Thanks bro! Think I’ll try Sears for that Mityvac and Walmart for the cylinder. Sounds like I should be able to figure this thing out.

Unfortunetly I would be able to get back to Thunderspace for awhile or get what I need, because I got a guest coming for awhile.

But I will let y’all know when I get r’ done!



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