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I have been doing PE longer than I have been a member here, but I have a question about pumping. Who makes a good pump that will not break the bank? I have seen LA pumps/cylinders, Dr. Joel Kaplans and the sorts, but what is the best pump for the money.

Thanks for any input

For the money? LA Pump has the most solid product, imo.



One way to save money is to buy the product that will last a long time and work reliably. For me, LA Pump has provided that product.

OK thanks guys that is what I was looking for.

I have to go with avocet8 and gprent on this.I have the L.A. Pump and it’s a rock solid piece of equipment.Worth every cent in my opinion.

Another vote for LA Pump! Customer service is excellent as well!

Same for me.

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Thanks guys another question for you though, are you guys getting just a standard cylinder, or are you getting 2 chamber designs?


The standard cylinder is all you should need. If you want help with sizing, just let me know your erect measurements length and girth. The Distributors tend to recommend a little too small.

I got my LA about a month ago and am quite pleased with it. Much better built than anything I’ve seen in stores around here, and the gauge is a must. I ordered 1/4” wider than they recommended on their website. I also ordered a 10” length, based on advice posted elsewhere in this forum.

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