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I want to get into pumping. I’ve done everything else in PE, and I’ve only gotten 8.5” BPEL x 5.5” EG. I want that BIG girth, and I know pumping is the way to go. What are some reputable places to get girth-specific pumps? That’s what I need, friends. Please help a brother out! =)

Hi phreakk,

I got my cylinder and pump from this company and is very satisfied with the quality/service.


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1 June 2005 BPEL 13,2 Cm EG 12,5 Cm Goal BPEL 16cm & EG 14cm Ads(andro Penis)+cylinder( 2" thickwall). Need Overall Power.

I’ve been very happy with my pump from lapdist.

LAP Dist here, too. I like the flanged end of the cylinder, makes it easy to get a seal. LAP Dist is probably a little cheaper than Thickwall (Euro’s to dollars sucks for the dollar people), and LAP Dist would ship faster in America.

Avocet8 is the man… and Supesizeit, he’s the man too.

Seriously, I have it just over a week and I’m liking it. It’s precise, and not nearly as time consuming. I have noticed harder morning wood. It’s early yet to see any gains, but it definitely feels different.

Read Pumping 101, that’s what I’m doing. Between 5 and 6 HG seems to work well for me at this point.

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