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Pumping 201?

Pumping 201?

I really like your intro routine. Did you continue using that routine the entire time or did you develop a more advanced routine? If so would you mind publishing it like you did with pumping 101?

Thanks in advance.


101 is about as advanced as I ever got with pumping sessions. My comfort range expanded as to pressure tolerance some over time. Now instead of hanging in at 5 in HG or so, I can do 8 for about the same length of time without any problem but I have not increased time spent in the cylinder.

I’ve changed my manual exercise routines so many times over 2.5 years that it’s pointless to even to try to document that.

When peforeal gets back from vacation, I’ll ask him if he’d be interested in tackling a Pumping 201 piece. He does a lot of experimentation and would be one of the logical ones to write something up.




Curious, where do people in Hawaii go on holiday? Do you go where there is snow for a change?


Las Vegas is the single most popular vacation destination for Hawaiian residents, not including this resident. Those who like cold (not this one) go to skiiing places. Thailand and S.E. Asia in general are popular, not for cold.

The rest of us never tire of the diversity of our islands and spend vacation time on different islands. That is what I prefer to do. It takes a whole lot to lure me, for example, to the Mainland. I have never had “island fever” - the get-off-the-rock syndrome. Were it not for my family there, I would never go to the Mainland, except in some special health crisis our system here could not handle.

Let’s not belabor this or ttigers thread will have to be split. :-)



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