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Pumping Without Arousal

Pumping Without Arousal

If one is pressed for time, is it okay to enter the pump fully erect (use porn or something for arousal), then while you wait 10-15 minutes for the set, to study or get some reading done? Or is it better to stay 100% erect and turned on the entire time, watching porn?

Obviously, organic chemistry and calculus isn’t going to arouse me, but it DOES require a lot of time, and PE eats up a good chunk of my free time. Was wondering if it’s a bad idea to get some readings done during sets.

You don’t need to remain turned on/aroused while you’re in the cylinder. The vacuum will keep blood in your penis and you’ll stay erect until you reduce or release the pressure. That’s how it works for me anyway.

It works for me that way too. If I enter the tube rock hard, I stay rock hard the whole time even if I am praying in the meantime. It shouldn’t go down because is supposed to be vacuum sealed; unless you are losing pressure from the tube.

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You dont need to enter the tube with a hard on. I always pump with a flacid penis. Pump is good because you dont need to stay aroused.

I can’t enter my cylinder 100% erect because of my curve, if I do it hurts! I’ve always seen great expansion and it sure looks like I am erect, but when I come out of the tube I am never any more than 60% erect. It doesn’t matter what % erect I enter the tube (20-80%), I always come out around 40-60% hard. While in the cylinder I can tell that I am getting harder when I look at porn or bang against the cylinder to cause vibrations, but I never come out of the tube any more erect. I dunno, maybe it’s because my girth is too big for my cylinder.

It’s been argued that it is actually better NOT to go in fully erect, as the tunica is less compliant that way. Apparently there are fibers to the tunica that straighten out and lock into place when you have a 100% erection. If you go in at less than that, the vacuum force can encourage expansion beyond what you would normally have at 100%.

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< But I never come out of the tube any more erect. >

I go in at least semi-erect, pump, it gets hard and all that jazz, and when release pressure it go a little limp, but when I work it to erect it’d thicker. Since it is pressure keep it erect a reduction in pressure reduces the erection but not the blood flow.

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I usually start my session by massaging my penis a few minutes and enter half erected. After setting the pump and pressure, I just leave it and started doing my routine boring stuffs like checking emails. I used to watch porn to keep my ‘spirit’ up :) but after watching porn day after day after day, it is just not fun anymore.

I never enter the tube erect, more like 30-50%. This has always worked best for me in the past and now that Im back to PE, I will continue using this same method and reporting progress as normal.

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I enter the tube pretty hard. I actually edge before entering and after the hard on goes down a little I pump. I edge right before pumping, because I’m thinking that maybe it is increasing hormone levels in my body and thus helping gains. Of course I have no evidence, but it doesn’t hurt trying

Vacuum pumping increases the size of your dick by lowering the pressure around it - obviously, we all know that. But if you can increase the pressure inside your dick as well by having a really solid erection and doing loads of really hard jelqs then you’ll get more out of it - think of it as pushing from the inside and pulling from the outside. A lot of guys take Viagra when pumping for this exact reason.

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