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Pumping without a gauge

I would add to this thread that gauging pressure by your length in the cylinder, is not reliable at all. I can easily be 1/2” longer at the end of a session if I enter the pump erect and remain erect, compared to pumping at lower erection levels.

The pressure also feels different if you are very erect in the tube.

Further, if you are fatigued, BPFSL tends to shrink and this may lead to shorter length in the tube. If you judge pressure by length, you will then amp up pressure even further to reach your checkpoint length, wind up at high pressures and wound up even more fatigued.

Getting a gauge would just be so much simpler and effective. You’re not saving that much $, and if you even do put a price on your manhood then that surprises me. I believe, and I’m sure many others do, that our cocks are invaluable. Treat them with the best and you will get the best back in return. Just spend the extra 30$.

Personally I pump without a gauge, but I completely agree that pumping with one is hands down a better way to measure the exact pressure you are using. Is it better ? For most people probably, but there are us guys that somehow know how far is pushing the envelope. Bottom line, don’t think pump harder, get bigger. My motto is pump consistently, count your squeezes, and on your final squeezes pump very, very slowly! Pat 110% to what you are doing! Watch your cock every second while you are in the tube cause that is your best bud down there, don’t want nothing bad happening down there.

I have a vacuum pump that I bought from cx. It doesn’t have a gauge. Is it possible to install a gauge?

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If you find a source of good gauges please post it here - been looking for a long time. Thanks

You can add a gauge into the air line using simple fittings and some tubing.

Originally Posted by megalomax

I have a vacuum pump that I bought from cx. It doesn’t have a gauge. Is it possible to install a gauge?

But if you install a gauge, you will no longer be pumping without a gauge, which is the topic of this thread!

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I don’t have a gauge and I’ve been using the marker method. I’m 17.5cm in the tube (18.5-19cm out of the tube, the tube is .5 cm off and don’t know where the other .5 goes) but I will achieve full erection and use three pumps of the bulb to achieve 18cm on the tube scale. Then over the course of the 30 minute set I will maintain full erection and effectively edge while making 1mm progress toward 18.5cm.

So, the only thing was a little spotting the second day, otherwise very little edema. Seems to have a very positive effect on my PI’s over all. I do intend to get a gauge someday but for now it seems pretty safe with this method. Just remember not to shoot for too many mm increase too fast. Let the little guy adjust to the strain. Patience wins this race.

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I tried this with the pump I got today (the squeezing until you can’t pull the pump off the base with a gentle push), but it didn’t look for feel like it was working me. :/

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Great thread, I just stopped cause I didn’t have a gauge.

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The best approach for pumping without a gauge is high amounts of vigilance, an even better approach is simply Don’t pump without one there relatively easy to add to any pre existing system (and fairly cheep) plus benefits if having the gauge are so numerous and influential to proper use it’s really almost not worth it. Without.

Originally Posted by zeinzhiro98
Know whats another pump without a gauge?

Put some alcohol on a glass wide and long enough for your unit, then light it up..
Then put your dick on the glass XD

But seriously, I just wondered on the thread because I might start pumping

Noobie coming through

I just tried this and it did not work.

Should I be using vaseline on the bottom of the glass,
Or is there a difference between grain alcohol and isopropyl that I am missing or what?

Please help.

Using a pump without a gauge AND carefully watching visual cues on the cock while enlarged and bragging that you have not had issue sis like saying “I play Russian Roulette” and never blew my brains out

Wow.. Lucky you
I have a great high end gauge I don’t usually refer to it but when I do it is important and so is watching all results ..

Otherwise BLISTERs and broken capillaries etc and EDEMA are easy to create for SOME (depending on skin type and elasticity0 the rule e of thumb is for the first months till you know your stuff use LOW pressure for Long periods.
Wide pump cylinder is safer than tight fit on girth because the options are diffusion of pressure over entire surface whereas when the cock is tight in the tube it can only expand in length or on the head where you can have edema or water retention or blisters (YES blisters)

Seems like the organ itself is important enough for “SOME” to warrant care until you master your limits and know the capacities you are within.
Bragging about Pump pump victories is not very impressive and not a good role model for beginners who don’t have a clue
GEt a good pump with a guage your dick is worth it mine is anyway

Edema WILL leave within a few days even when the glans adn head are enlarged and distorted
Brken capillaries won’t heal so quickly ..

You don’t have to have a guage but still why not why not
Scary that anyone on this post that does not have a cock worth a few dollars (to buy the right pump and guage) can justifiy it

Ask youself.
Is my cock worth the price of good pump with guage and listen to the answer \Hint it is a yes ormno answer. No in betweens.

Pump Toys is incredible at times professionally crafter tubes replaced or modified for free and also custom designed.

Nothing like Pump Toys (Dave).

No Gauge

I have a medical pump that does not have a gauge. It is an Erecaid Esteem. I don’t see any way to ad a gauge to it right now. The cylinder is not round it’s elliptical. Here is a link…enile-pump.html any ideas on modifying it?


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