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pumping with two different sized cylinders

pumping with two different sized cylinders

Does anyone else pump using two different sized cylinders?

For a few months I’ve been using a two inch cylinder and have really enjoyed it. But this weekend I had a few extra twenties so I went and bought a 1 3/4 inch cylinder. I can pack the bottom two thirds of the 2 inch, so the smaller one is a tight fit and requires a little lube and some twisting to get it on my erection, but alternating both cylinders in the same pumping session gives me a very fat dick. I just started so I can’t profess to any lasting results yet.

I start out with the smaller cylinder and leave it on for about 8-10 minutes at 6 hg or so. Then I gently pull that one off and jelq and shake my dick for a minute. Then I put the larger cylinder on for about 8 minutes at around 5 hg. Then I stop and let it rest for 10 minutes, and then start the process over again. I’ve only done two cycles in a session so far.

Anyone else do this too? Do you have a routine or suggestions?

Originally Posted by Ike
Does anyone else pump using two different sized cylinders?


I do, and I think others do too. I now use my 2” flanged cylinder and also my 2.25” straightwall cylinder or my 2.5” flanged cylinder. No particular uniqueness to what I do. I begin the 2” for at least the first half hour and then move into one of the larger ones.

When I first started,I began with using my 1.75” and 2”. Once the permanent girth gains occurred, I moved cylinders up a 1/4”. That’s been a good feeling.


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Cool. I just started pumping and started using two cylinders just to get a feel for how each worked. It’s good to know that I’m apparently on the right track. Thanks for the insight.

I’ll have to give this a go, as I have a 2” and a 2 1/4” cylinder

I pump first half of each pump session in a 3-1/2” penis and scrotum tube and the last half of the session in a 2” tube. I do three ten minute sets at 8-10 inhg in each cylinder wrapped with a heating pad using porn and a vibrator to keep stimulated. I milk the tubes continuously. As long as I stay hard inside the cylinders I never get a doughnut. But if I don’t stay hard during the whole session, I puff up like a Krispy Kreme.

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I use two cylinders, a 2” and a 3”, (I started off with a home made 1¾” home made effort which was very tight.

I pack the 2” and that tends to give me donuts, so it is used at very low pressure, and give a nice flaccid hang for a long period. The 3” is for Balls and penis and is a tight fit, but using the 3” for penis alone gives a good stretch and large girth 6¼ but which subsides slightly and then remains at about 5¾” for a long period, and gives a very full feeling (Wonderful!)


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