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Pumping with Foreskin

Pumping with Foreskin

Hmm for some reason I can’t post in the pumpers forum so I guess I’ll ask here. When I pump, The frenulum (vein thing) on the underside of my penis head has a lot of pressure on it, almost to the point of being painful. I’m afraid it’s gonna snap or something. Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong?

Also, pumping is painful for me at 4 hg. It feels fine at 2hg. Should I do a routine of 2hg x 5 min x 3 sets?

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Do you have your foreskin retracted while pumping? That would probably put some pressure on the frenulum. It won’t snap, but they have been known to tear and bleed. Is retraction difficult for you? Have you tried pumping with the foreskin in the normal position?

If you’re new to pumping then start at 2 and move up as time goes on. There’s no reason to rush this.

I had a the same problem it was hurting on the underside close to frenulum. I lowered the pressure and it’s fine. I go for 2-3hg and that gives good expansion without pain.

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Thanks man, I’ll be going to 2 till it stops hurting

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