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Pumping with DMSO. Questions before I start my journey.


Originally Posted by LordVayne
So sort of the same effects like cotisone on collagen? BTW why didn’t anyone use cortisone b4 a PE work out (if so nvm my comment)??

b4? nvm?

Did you forget where you are LordVayne?

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Originally Posted by dickerschwanz
What kind of scar tissue you are talking about?

I have some peyronies(kind of scar tissue) inside my dick. You or someone else thinks it could penetrate up to my dick?

Any danger to dmso?

The Pge 2 in the Trimix and or the injection itself can potentially generate and build up scar tissue similar to the cause of Pyrones Disease. Detoxified iodine has been shown To be effective in reducing scar tissue on internal organs. DMSO is known to be effective in penetrating through skin tissue. Accordingly, I am hoping the mixture will prevent scaring from the injections.

DMSO on its own is not harmful. However, because of its unique ability to easily penetrate through skin tissue, one needs to be very careful not to let any toxic substances to come in contact with the DMSO.

Screw that! I haved used DMSO a great deal in the past for absorption of Finaplix (trenbelone acetate) and there is NO WAY that I would put DMSO on my dick!

For one thing DMSO is actually a solvent and it feels like a solvent when applied. If you are considering using DMSO, then do yourself a favor and apply it to your lower back, or soft areas of the arm, or inner thigh and see how it feels when it absorbs and especially when it dries. It burns like hell, causes redness and rash and then itches like hell when it dries. I know that I personally would never even consider putting it on my dick or getting it anywhere near my nut sack!

DMSO is commonly used to absorb other substances, so you must be very careful with what comes in contact with it while it is absorbing, even things as simple as dye from new clothing. I’ve never used a diluted form, so maybe it is much milder in regard to skin irritation, but it will also be much lesser in effect. I’ve used alot of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) in the past and this is just my .02

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After 9 months of applying DMSO/I (2/1) daily to my dick (shaft and glans) and behind my scrotum, I have never experienced more than an occasional brief light stinging. I also apply it to my shoulder in hopes it may help the scaring on my shoulder muscles. No discomfort and, alas, no improvement.

Perhaps each is effected differently by DMSO.

Originally Posted by Tweaking

I remember a while back there was a guy who said on a Russian PE site he’s a member of a bunch of guys gave DMSO + PE a try and that none of them found any success with it.

I’m that guy :)

The biggest problem with DMSO (and with other substances, which we can apply to the surface of penis) is that the substance quickly “flies” away with bloodflow (and we all know that penis skin is well vascularized) and it will never reach our main target - the tunica albuginea.

Clamp, then apply..

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