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Pumping with cold water

Pumping with cold water

Do any of you guys finish a pumping session with a cold water pump ?.

To me that seems insane.I thought the idea was to keep things as dilated as possible.

I’ve done it. Just like you, when it was suggested, I thought it was crazy. But eventually, I tried it. I think it was after about 20 minutes of warm water with the BM, I did 10 minutes of super cold water. And did not get any shrinkage like I expected. None at all. Don’t be afraid to try it. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much longer the extra “plumpness” lasts.

Hmm , I guess I will try it.Do you think it helps for gains ?

Im definitely gonna try this tomorrow.

If warm water helps with the expansion of cells in tissues. Cold water at the end might retain the expansion by reducing the flexibility of those cells, resulting in an increase in rigidity which is followed by longer lasting plumpness.

PE is the most fun conversation to try and theorize about.

I can’t figure out the biomechanics of it, but I tried it just because someone else spoke highly of it. I just figured ice cold water would likely reduce swelling, and thereby quicken healing/repairing. I did it half expecting it to cause shrinkage or turtleing. Man was I wrong. Ended up with a bigger, fatter, more “turgid” post session flaccid. I kept a Daily log and somewhere in it you will see where I did this. Went from skeptic to enthusiast in just a couple sessions. Started throwing ice into the water in a blender and blending it until the ice was gone, in an attempt to get the water just as cold as possible. It seems to lessen post session discoloration.

I should thank the author for this question, I had totally forgotten this technique. I did it at the end of my session today, and when I lift my dick, it now feels like the fucker weighs five pounds. Nice, big, fat, flaccid hanger.

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I kinda tried it yesterday with cold water from the faucet.My penis didn’t care for it.

I didn’t notice any better flaccid, but then I only did it for 5 minutes.I will make a better effort on my next session.

A very interesting discussion, I’m looking forward to how this develops.

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You are warm water pumping first, right? I have always done at least twenty minutes of warm water pumping, and the ten minutes of cold water cooldown at the end.

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