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Pumping with a curved tube

Pumping with a curved tube

When I am jelqing I will pause every 10 jelqs and grab my penis with two hands and bend it to either side to get a stretch in the tunica. It has helped with girth a lot. I am wondering if pumping with a curved tube could provide an awesome tunica stretch? You could rotate it to stretch in all directions.


I was a proponet of this theory back in the day. The only curved tube I could imagine was that thick clear plastic tubing you could get from home depot. The one that is reinforced with some kind of mesh imbedded in it. But then you’d have to jimmy rig a way to close off one end and add suction.

I suppose you could heat up a regular tube until you can bend it?

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Exactly. I have been looking at that exact tubing and the connections that would fit. They have PVC end caps that fit very tightly and I could glue water tight with PVC sprinkler glue. The tubing is somewhat flexible so you could actually attach collars at each end and attach chain or maybe some screw mechanism so you could adjust the curve. Think of a bow and arrow bow.

I wonder if anyone has every tried this. I think it would provide a great stretch and you would be doing more than pulling the ligs away from your body which is what it seems like a lot of hanging and downward stretching is doing.


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