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Pumping - When will you notice it expand?

Pumping - When will you notice it expand?

Hi guys I’ve been pumping for about a 2 weeks now and I have been taking it very very slowly using only 3in HG & noticing only very slight expansion just a little bigger than it’s normal EG.

I feel that I can handle more pressure but as it has been said time & time again “slow & steady wins the race” therefore I’m going to go really really slow.

I basically pump up slowly but for about 5 minutes with a heat pad around the tube and then I Jelq for a few minutes (perhaps equivalent to 100 jelqs) and apply a heat pad for a few more minutes.

I do this for 3 sets and was just wondering how many months will it take before I can see more expansion when I’m in the pump?

Should i increase the length in the tube? Or should i increase the pressure?

Thanks in advance.

For the next couple of weeks, try increasing your set time to 10 minutes each. In the first set use 3”hg. In the second use 4”hg and in the third use 5”hg. I think you can handle that and you should notice more expansion. Keep pumping up slowly. That is a technique you should always use.


Thanks for the advice.

Would you say that this routine is enough to gain size or should I be incorporating other PE exercises as well such as stretching e.t.c?

It is very effective to combine pumping with jelqing, so in-between each pump set do about 5 minutes of jelqing and end each session with an erect massage.

If you have a small electric heat pad, wrap that around the tube while you pump for even better expansion.

You may try (very light) a procedure which will give you good results: only use the tube and the hose without the pump (suck with your mouth) and when you release the pressure put the hose in warm water so that it enters in the tube, do it again and again until it is completely full of warm water and let it there at a low pressure until it is not warm any longer. At that point do some jelq and start again as many times as you want. This practice, I have done for years, is the best for girth and for avoiding bruises and injuries. I usually do three forty minute sets a day.


Pressure is a very personal issue: if it makes your dick red, sore or full of fluids and/or bruises, that is too much, if it does not give you problems, that is good for you. As a rule, whatever pressure keeps your tube full of water attached to your body is enough to expand your unit. Under perfect pressure, I am able to read and forget about it.

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