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Pumping week - is this typical results?

Pumping week - is this typical results?

So I’ve been pumping for a week now and I’ve experienced some nice results inside the pump.
When I began pumping last week, according to the markers on the pump itself, I started out at 6.9inches in the vacuum. I’ve just finished a pumping session today and I measured at 7.4 in the tube. Although I have yet to experience any gains outside of the pump, I’m seeing great results inside.

Is what I’m experiencing, a typical result in the space of 1 week?
Just asking because I don’t want to do myself an injury.

My routine, based on 5 days on, 2 days off:

Morning -
5 mins warm up - 20 mins pump + 400 jelqs
Evening -
5 mins warm up - 20 mins pump + 400 jelqs + light stretching

Bro, to measure progress whit pumping, you have to think in terms of months or years. 1 week can just bump your EQ if you don’t overdo. I’d say you measuring longer is a good Physiologic Indicator.

Yeah keep an eye on that EQ. Best indicator of overdoing or minor injury

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Ok brilliant, thanks for your help!

So going by what I’m seeing in the tube, what I’m experiencing is fairly normal? It did go a little numb for a spell today when I pulled out, but all is fine!

Does your pump has a gauge?

What kind of pump are you using?

Just a really basic one without a gauge. I bought it a year ago before I knew anything about pumping and only just used it.

I’ll have to invest in a proper one. What do you guys recommend?

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